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  1. Well, I find it odd that with RuneTek5 they didn't streamline a lot of the code of the menus etc, as one of the main reasons of RuneTek5 was to stabilize the game, because a lot of code was very outdated and not in touch with the standards that were found in recenter work. It seems that much of the underlying code for the UI is extremely outdated. This week's game update FAQ about the fullscreen skill guides just shows us how bad the UI code is. "This is not a design decision, it is a game engine limitation. We had to change the way fullsize interfaces, such as the new skillguides and the loyalty shop, work due to engine memory issues. I can experiment with it again, but all my previous attempts resulted blowing up our test servers. "
  2. Trust me, I noticed. (Website OCD ftw) :grin:
  3. Good to know, thanks for the reply. (Also, i'm very mad) :shades:
  4. You guys removed the redundant hover boxes on the left navigation menu but forgot to remove them on the top. :mellow:
  5. Please fix the redundant mouse-hover text box, this is a website design basic. Other than that, good work.
  6. Jagex has added 3 new screenshots in the Media page (they are at the bottom of the screenshot section). Can someone check it out and tell me the locations of the shots, because I can't tell for the life of me. :mellow: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
  7. Where is that new water picture from?
  8. Jagex finally brought Runescape's death mechanic up to date. Now the game is slightly more playable. :thumbup: Now remove all the bottable clickfest content and we're good.
  9. The reason why Runescape is so cheap is because it looks and plays like crap. If they raised the price they would have to justify it (like not waiting 10 years to have actual Clan Support, having movement that isn't laggy as sin, etc). Also, it says a lot that most of the community thinks they will quit Runescape if Jagex raises the price. Shows that even the players of Runescape don't believe that its worth much money. (Even though most of these people are just voting like that because they know their parents will get mad when they see the RS cost raised on their monthly bills).
  10. New trees > Clan support. Also, lol @ 10 years without clan support.
  11. Agreed. @amitoz I dont get why its ridiculous? I think that if 7m had been the cap the whole time that RuneScape would be a very different game, it would still be seen as just as much of a challenge (IMO) to get 99 because the playing hours would change. Id think, maybe not though to be fair. But if the premade goal is 13m exp, or (eg mining) around 500000 clicks, it automatically makes players set standards higher. Dunno maybe Im wrong, but dont straight up call me a noob for suggesting something that might take 70 hrs ( very liberal mining estimate) instead of 130 hours.. I think that's a very sensible suggestion.. everyone who is willing to work harder than you is a nerd If you "work hard" in a video game, you dont understand the premise of a video game. Video games (like movies, books, tv shows, and music) are pieces of entertainment that consumers are meant to enjoy. Hundreds of hours of grind aren't entertainment. Nothing new is happening on your screen, you're just advancing a number. Clicking a tree for a hundred hours isn't "difficult content" it's "lack of content." If you enjoy "working hard" to change a number in a video game, then by all means go ahead. Just don't pretend like its smart, or even comparable to watching a good movie or tv show (because those would actually entertain the viewer).
  12. Great observation. Protip: WoW didn't invent any of these features, get a brain.
  13. Why the game was created with grinding at its core = Simple, easy-to-implement game design by Andrew because of lack of resources. Why the game is still the most grindy Western MMO = More grind ---> longer subscriptions ----> more money. It's cute that people defend the grind by saying "Runescape is an MMO." Play some real MMOs that have actual gameplay for end-game.
  14. Degradation is a grindy game mechanic. It's the same reason why people hate temporary guns in those [cabbage] f2p shooters. If you're the type of person who doesn't see a problem in grinding for months to get a 90+ skill, then you won't understand why people don't like degradation. Once you quit the game and/or obtain some understanding of fun game design, then you'll realize why people don't like it.
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