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  1. Saw them in Collam Daan and thought briefly it could have been an alt. Turns out it was a person Q recruited because of the WoT reference in the name.
  2. Several WB FCs I've looked into potentially signing up for have listed PVP skill requirements. Things like DPS and tanking tests. If nothing else if I ever want to solo DWF camps some PVP skill might help me survive long enough to get out of the wildy.
  3. I've never done much PVPing, but I'd like to start doing Warbands and Castle Wars. What are some general tactics and skill rotations that I should focus on learning?
  4. Herbs can't be watered Watering in general seems worthless not only because plants can protect allotments, but because disease rates are so low with supercompost and the hassle of watering every growth cycle is probably not worth the reduction. In terms of yield increase, it would have to be pretty significant (15%+ in my opinion) for it to be worth it for the same reason above.
  5. Do not make this inference. The data shown here does not properly substatiate the claim. The main point of my spiel was that the study was garbage and that you can't draw anything from it. For now, discard this idea until you come across more stringent research. No. The reason for this is demand and supply. High levelled herbs are used in high level potions which are in greater demand than lower levelled potions. Additionally, high level seeds are much rarer than low level ones. MTK, which is a pretty significant supply of seeds, barely provides any of these seeds. No, at least not directly. Watering only lowers disease rates. The less your crops get diseased, the faster they grow unimpeded and the less they die. These effects help yields in the long run. > So far for Watermelons I obtained an average of 17.625 per patch out of 5 full runs That seems a bit on the low side. I'm currently doing snape grass and getting closer to 20-25 per allotment per run (over 40 runs).
  6. How I've always interpreted is that per pick, you roll at a 33% chance to get an additional herb for juju and roll again at an up to 15% chance for greenfingers. Increasing the average number of base picks you get is thus important. If the bonuses stacked off each other, then there would a chance of rolling 4 and 5 herbs in a single picking, but I've never seen more than 3. Greenfingers and juju bonus herbs do not give xp. The linked source is flawed in several ways. First of all, they don't even say what herb they plant in the big set! What was the planting and checking strategy for the big set? If two hours for the toadflax set, which is already a enough time for herbs to hit maturity assuming you don't mess up growth cycles, is already more frequent, how often do they even check their patches? The actual number of diseased patches that the second player encountered is also unstated which makes it difficult to determine how much the reduction in death rate is due to curing vs the properties of different leveled herbs. Finally, the sample sizes are way too different. I think you mixed up the conclusion as the study suggests higher leveled herbs die more (~10% vs ~2% as they claim) and have a higher average live yield and vice versa for low level herbs. What puzzled me about the entry is that it claims that it uses "optimal equipment", but doesn't mention Jujus or Greenfingers. Seeing this and all of the other problems with this article, I did some deep digging into the history of the page. It seems some data was entered back in 2010 for a single small set by a lone user. Later on, another user just dumped another 650+ seeds worth of data into the data, with no indication if this was an addition to the existing data or a replacement. The amusing piece is an edit made by one user that added most of the "analysis" following the data. Some of it is a cute attempt to apply statistical analysis (and in some cases incorrectly) and the rest is bad or poorly presented advice. It seems no one questioned it and let it stand; it baffles me how to this day no one has corrected or at least removed this shoddy entry. It's stuff like this that make me appreciate more rigorously moderated sites like here at Tip.it. While I still don't think Tip.it has the capacity for as much breadth, the information when it is entered is almost always correct and well presented. TL;DR That entry you linked is trash. Don't continue to rely on it for information.
  7. How much better at AAing would you say Nihils are compared to Iron/Steel titans? They seem to have a pretty steep cost and are hard to buy.
  8. I don't think bonus herbs from Juju/GF aura stack off each other so they wouldn't be multiplicative. Beyond that, I believe researchers figured there's about a 35% chance upon each picking that you'll consume one of the patch's lives and magic secateurs reduce that to 25%. My stats are pretty rusty so I couldn't tell you what that works out to be in terms of expected base yield. From the expected base yield you can calculate average total yield using the 33% and 15% from juju/GF. Never heard of this. Any source?
  9. Slot 1: Perfect Death Slot 2: Close Mind/Body/Soul, Perfect Water Slot 3: Close Fire, Perfect Dust
  10. Are you poor? This stuff is super OP. Affordability isn't the core of my argument. If it works out that the GP of Vis Wax is much greater than the actual effect then it wouldn't be worth using because it would be better to just sell. I already think that extending challenges and locations is worthwhile in most cases. JoaT would also be fine, but I think generally worse than the other two. The other auras are the most questionable in the value.
  11. "Portables" for trading and using portables Anyone have one for Vis Wax yet?
  12. Ok good to know. So for slayer is it worth manually scrolling as well or are the random procs sufficient? I also never knew that simply pressing Attack made your familiar attack your current target. I was under the impression you had to click Attack and then a specific target. Do people use combat familiars while bossing or is Yak/Uni still dominant?
  13. The basic function of the machine is straightfoward First rune is the same for everyoneSecond rune is one of three runes. This pool of three is the same for every playerThird is completely randomMy interest is not how the game decides which runes are actually perfect/green matches for that day, but if there's a constant pattern to what constitutes a close/yellow match. My theory is that runes are placed into several groupings. If you ever pick a rune that is the same category as the perfect rune, you'll get a close/yellow match and red otherwise. As for the second rune slot, I suspect you should only get a close match for your specific rune out of the three possible ones. For example, if the built-in groupings are Fire/Air/Earth/WaterMind/Chaos/Death/BloodCosmic/Astral/Body/SoulAnd the correct runes of the day for a specific player are Air/Chaos/Soul, then Fire/Mind/Cosmic would be Yellow/Yellow/Yellow and Mind/Earth/Water would be Red/Red/Red. If these groupings remain static (though it's entirely possible that Jagex re-randomizes the groupings each day), then we could have a system for reducing the amount of trial an error as we'd only need to experiment with runes in the same category. You would narrow down the third rune by trying one rune from each group until you got a yellow and then zero in on runes within that group.
  14. Prices are gonna tank though, as with most new items. Earlier today prices were floating around 9-10k. I think extending challenges is the best value, especially when used on stuff like DG. Not reliable though and I'm not sure if rerolling is worthwhile. Extending Div locations is like ~150-200k and like 20-25k XP which is pretty good, but you can't max out both money and XP. 40 wax for a second JoaT seems worse than extending div locations. You get XP in skill of your choice, but no extra profit and probably less XP. If wax prices really plummet, it might be worth doubling greenfingers to get 2 protection cycles out of it for herbs. Other 10 wax extensions are probably worthwhile as long as you use for full duration obviously. I don't think any of the 20-40 wax extensions are worth it and vamp/penance will again depend on where wax stabilizes.
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