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  1. Just watched the bucket list, cringeworthy I thought. It just seemed really scripted the whoek way through.. and Morgan Freeman is always the same character!! I hates it!!
  2. I did a maths a level and i got 2. :'(
  3. try reading my original post again, in fact the very first sentance. i mean paragraaph
  4. yeah its pretty bad, havnt logged into rs tho, jus checking this topic and off topic.. i wont play rs again man, can honestly say that. but right now i got personal reasons for wanting to internet browse and chat for an hour or so a day. wanna join another forum but i dunno what yet?? and yeah fairplay ring if your arguing against that, that's not the point of the thread i didnt really think that through, i edited it out cos i dont wanna get into a discussion about it. i know they probably never will include a counter and i dont care either. and if i think about ti 20h is pretty dam short, thats like 1-2hours weekdays and 3-4 weekends. i dont really agree with forcing people to play either.
  5. see straight up, what the [bleep] r u on about? when did i say runescape should be removed?? could u still not read what i typed? rofl, proper use? mate im sorry, the only things you could be arguing against that ive said is that people who regularly clock 6 hours a day should maybe take a look at the ammount of time they spend online. also that 18-20hours is clearly terrible. do you disagree with either of them? neither of them make me suggest runescape is like crack. but if you think that 6 hours is perfectly normal then fairplay, do u tell your real life friends you play for 6 hours? no because that's clearly not socially acceptable. maybe in certain situations but for the most part. if you wanna argue against that then do, but don't rip the piss and put words into my mouth?
  6. im not saying runescapes not ok :ohnoes: yeah man ive seen u use that general discussion not general agreein thing before. this is menna be a discussion about people who can't manage their time and have a problem with runescape. if you dont think its ever problem for anyone ever then yeah disagree, cos otherwise your just picking apart posts and posting generally annoying and imo stupid as [bleep] comments. your not big mate. Bladewing - read my original post eh?? read the bit thats underlined, or how about reading the post a few posts up?? stop posting annoying messages where your disagreeing with something im not saying eh?? and ring world, it is seriously addicting for some people, is it not obvious? I KNOW NOT EVERYONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH IT, I SAID THAT IN MY ORIGINAL POST, ARE YOU READING WHAT IM TYPING NOW? CAN YOU STOP TYPING THE SAME POSTS OVER AND OVER NOW?
  7. I was going to write a long reply pointing out how wrong you are, but I don't feel it's a good use of my time. please do cos right now i think it's right and i'm pissed off :thumbdown:
  8. it probably can, im not learning english tho, i am english. dude wtf is your problem seriously? if you dont have a problem with how much you play then gtfo and stop making annoying posts please? if you have anythnig useful to say apart from fishing for a reaction then say it. or are you arguing so much because you have a problem with how much you play. :thumbup:
  9. cos im ina foreign country and i need english, dont no wat else to go on, already on facebook skype and news. troll.
  10. someone said disagreeing isn't flaming, bull man you guys flame hard for no reason. people have posted here saying they agree that for them they find it hard not to play to much, if it doesn't affect you then why the [bleep] are you on the topic? to make stupid ass comments? and to the people that say its dumb to pput a number on sleeping and work. most people sleep 8 hours and most people work 8 hours, that's why it keeps coming up. so stop being annoying and just don't post eh? :thumbup: (there are exceptions to every rule, it goes without saying, so don't say it.) don't even get why some people seem to have taken such offense to this, i even made it bold, underlined and italicized(?) it in the original post. I know plenty of people can mange the time, I know plenty of people use it as a bit of chill out time, I know many people don't feel they have a problem. So why not stop posting the same thing about tiny details in my original post? im not suggesting im better than people, im not suggesting everyone who plays runescape is damaging their life. but yeah some people do, if your trying to argue with that then fairplay. if your trying to argue with average work time or sleep time then.. what?? i dont care. i do care about people spending too much time on runescape and clearly some people do.. its only been in the last 2 years that i stopped playing much runescape, and i found for me it was a mistake spending that much time on rs, that's all im saying. im not saying i know how life should be, i do stills tick by that it's not 18/20hours in fron of an rs screen, can't see how people can defend that, but whatever..
  11. Nice to know a lot of peeps have the dream thing!
  12. Gives me staage fight when your in front of 100 peeps and u [bleep] up hard.
  13. Dunno if I should start a new topic about this becaue it's a pretty big issue, but it's basically about Libya.. Crimes against humanity?? What about Gaza?? I think just as many, if not more, crimes against humanity have occured there. This is seriously screwed up double standards, Khadafi is 100% when he says this is modern day crusades. Btw you should sign this petition, it's written by my mate, I'm pretty much just respewing it.. http://www.petitiononline.co.uk/petitio ... -gaza/2593 But it's completely accurate.. This is making me incredibly pissed off, the West thinks it can pick and choose who runs countries when it wants. As soon as their is a slightly valid reason we go in and kill a load of people with our technology. When Iran originally had a dictatorship we encouraged the Shah to fire on innocent, peaceful and unarmed protesters. If that were to happen in Iran now then we'd go in all guns blazing if we didn't think they might have nukes. Everyone thinks that that Ahmadinejad and Khadafi are completely mental (granted they seem pretty gone) but a lot of what they say about the West is true. If there's a reason why the middle east hates us and terrorists exist, we're seeing it in motion. How can we allow Israel to get away with such crimes, the rebels are in almost excactly the same shoes as the Palestinians. Palestinian's slowly lost land and rights, have no way of gaining it back or even (it seems) a way to change their country. Seriously Israel bombed a cement factory?? They've used phosphorous as well.. Oh and not recognised a legitimately voted Government. Pah. Admittedly it is different because there have been plenty of Palestinian attacks on Israel and it is also (kind of) a country on country issue, but still.
  14. [bleep]. cba with this forum anymore, well i quit rs so yeah.. u dunt hav to flame everything all the time yeah :thumbsup:
  15. The guy who said he played guitar and learned French also said that "he does these for fun, regardless of whether or not they'll provide a purpose in life". He wasn't be condescending at all, it was just a general statement, he didn't say it was good or bad or even mention anything of that nature. Actually, he was saying you shouldn't judge people on their hobbies just because they don't necessarily provide a purpose in life. Just like how you're judging him for playing piano and learning French. Perhaps you are misunderstanding what the word condescending means. –adjective showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority. Maybe you only read the OP's first post, but you should actually read through the thread a bit to understand where I'm coming from. His responses imply that his life is so much better than everyone else who is "addicted" to runescape, as if he knows these people in real life. Also contrary to what you said I'm not judging him at all, in fact I couldn't give a rat's [cabbage] what his hobbies are, just as the OP should not give a cabbage about what other people do in their spare time especially if he doesn't know them in person. Yeah but I'm saying it's not always spare time and even if it is it can be damaging for them without people always realising. I'm not trying to be condescending, I do think playing for 20hours a day is incredibly bad bad who the hell doesn't? I also did know a lot of people ingame who were addicted to RuneScape and I would've thought a lot of other people do, fairplay if they don't.. But yeah my life is better than my previous life, I said numberous times that that's obviously not the case for everyone. But it also obviously is for some people. And it's true I swear fansites normalise this behaviour alot.. And yeah that real pissed me off how many people say I'm trying to be condescending, I think it's pretty condescending to constantly write /thread or wanna medal or some standard repeated crap. I had a really bad RuneScape habbit, most people don't. Some people do, if you don't realise this I'm pretty shocked.. also i removed the bit about french and guitar cos it doesnt have anything to do with anything and far too many people were getting pissed off by it. I feel my time is much better spent doing those things, that was just a personal note i added.
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