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  1. Hamtaro


    Unfortunately, I can't afford that right now. I've been using a whip for as long as I can remember so I figured this would be a nice improvement over a level 70 weapon.
  2. Hamtaro


    Thanks for the help, everyone. I would just be using it for slayer and quests since I'm not a big boss hunter.
  3. I'm about to get 200k tokens and I was wondering if chaotics are any good anymore. If so, rapier or longsword? I heard it doesn't matter anymore, but I'm just making sure.
  4. "Metropolitan Division," teams nowhere near the ocean in the Atlantic Division, uneven home/away games against division and conference rivals, and the possibility of the 20th overall team making the playoffs. Excellent work as always, Gary. :thumbup:
  5. Psst. Happy birthday!

    1. Hamtaro


      Thanks, man!

  6. Happy birthday! :D

  7. Oh my Lord, the Heat and Blackhawks in the same week. It's every bandwagoner's wet dream. Anyway, congrats to the Hawks. I was at least glad to see the Red Wings gave them the biggest challenge. And it's also nice to see an MSU alum (Keith) hoist the Cup.
  8. [spoiler=Nothing but class from the Windy City.]
  9. Why they don't treat puck over glass exactly like icing, I don't know. The offending team should have a faceoff in their zone and not be allowed to change. I honestly don't understand why it's a 2 minute penalty. At least it made for a funny song. Anyway, I'm kind of hoping to see the Bruins stomp the Blackhawks in an Original 6 final. We should have a good final this year for the first time in recent memory.
  10. That's a shame about my bracket, especially after a questionable game 6, but what a solid post-season performance from the Red Wings! In a rebuilding year with a bunch of rookies and huge cap space, they not only made the playoffs, but took down a 2nd seed and took the President's Trophy winner to overtime in game 7. Unbelievable. So proud of my hometown team :thumbsup:. Watch out, eastern conference teams, Hockeytown is alive and kicking.
  11. As much as I would love for the Wings to bring the Cup home, I seriously doubt it. At this point, I'll be happy as long as Chicago or San Jose don't win the Cup.
  12. Stalking your profile, I find that I am almost 6 months older than you. /random

  13. In other news, my bracket is still perfect.
  14. I so called this. http://www.tip.it/runescape/times/view/929-what-happened-to-runescape-2
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