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    the great white north, eh?
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    Ice hockey, manga, D&D, bari & alto saxophone, chainmail, medieval weaponry, rock music, graphic design, digital art, drawing, TET, TET events, German, German rock, Revolverheld, Muse

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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Hawks


    It was a grand old time. Forgot I'm super old here, relatively speaking. Ignoring homework, have a meeting and then work. Meh.
  3. Not directly related to this thread, but I don't feel like finding the right place to put it on reddit. A [female] friend of mine who has dated guys in the past has a girlfriend, which is not the issue. She more or less just brought it up in casual conversation (I asked about her sweatshirt which was similar to one she already had, said it was her girlfriend's). As it is relevant, she brings it up. My problem is totally internal but I don't want to continue being weird (or at least I think I am?) - my brain had categorized her as straight and is having a hard time ignoring/changing my arbitrary label. I think it's mostly because I am not at a point where I have acceptably boxed myself in and so having other people being totally cool with their sexuality is weirding me out. Which makes no sense but there you go. I overthink everything and like having everything labelled nicely and logically. Thoughts?
  4. 5'6"/167.6cm, worth noting I'm female, German/Polish/assortedWesternEuropean. Now shortest person on the poll. :(
  5. Hawks


    -14C, no idea on the windchill but not good. Definitely a stay inside kind of evening and tomorrow it's looking like no school for the area, 10 inches overnight probably.
  6. Hawks


    Got a couple cavities filled today, worst part was holding my mouth open for like an hour. Continuing to snow here, probably in the area of 6 inches or so, not looking forward to driving back to school in a couple days, looks like they've got a bit more snow than we do which is good for snow statues... Drifting like crazy though.
  7. Not quite Canada. But definitely near the border, the UP is 'basically' Canada.
  8. Hawks


    Most random question ever - anyone in cold climates/otherwise goes outside in the cold and wears glasses - solution to the fogging with a balaclava issue? Been looking for thoughts/suggestions about making one that doesn't cause a ton of fogging.
  9. Hawks


    Yeah, but to an extent it's still ridiculous. I have to pay about $750 every three months just for stuff to keep me alive, plus the cost of insulin and test strips, which are like $25 copay [costs less because 'preventative' as in it prevents death] and $100 copay a month respectively. Every four years I have to get a new insulin pump which costs around $5000 which my insurance company will only pay if I've hit my [ridiculous] deductible - $10,000 for the family per year. These costs are actually worse than before the ACA garbage happened and it's only getting worse.
  10. Awesome, between Arceus' and DV's posts I think I've solved my problem. Figured there was an easy fix, and there was.
  11. That's not Chrome because I have issues with it. I'm currently using Firefox with a number (less than 20) of really helpful extensions so it tends to quickly eat up my RAM and then I end up killing it in Task Manager and restarting it to restore my current session - I have a laptop that I often have to shut down before I'm done with something on the internet so I just do that so Firefox remembers my tabs, which is probably a really stupid plan. Mostly I just need it to play nicely on Windows and with Norton, have some sort of AdBlockPlus type feature, and be able to remember passwords and sessions easily (ie the next time I open it open those tabs again. Probably Firefox can do this so please tell me how?) If it works with most/all or solves the problem that I have the plug in for that would be great. [hide=Extension list] [/hide]
  12. Did finally drop some money on cards, I think I actually have more MTG cards than Yugioh (considering I was really good at Yugioh and only quit when they started that 5Ds crap). I've got a blue/white detain deck and a red/green deck that I'm not sure of. I'm basically in it for the art but the game is quite fun.
  13. Hawks


    I have an exam and a job interview tomorrow. I should probably make sure my clothes aren't wrinkled. Or actually study.
  14. Hawks


    I'm not a doctor but I am a biomedical engineer-in-training... And I've had type 1 diabetes for 12 years. Symptoms you had are pretty much like a low blood sugar, happens to people sometimes, sometimes people just have chronic low blood sugar, stuff like that. If it happens again I'd get it checked out and/or immediately eat/drink something with some sugar in it to see if that helps. Just got back to school from Thanksgiving break, 3D printer is working again, bed wasn't sticky enough so I had to scrap an hour's worth of printing... But it works so that's good (last week it was falling apart whenever I tried to do something). Also took apart my laptop and blew out three years' worth of dust, much better now.
  15. Hawks


    Been trying to 3D print one thing for hours now, printer keeps falling apart, I dunno if it's lack of lubricant or what but I don't have time to keep trying, which sucks because I'm supposed to be making something for my brother.
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