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  1. Unfortunately, I can't afford that right now. I've been using a whip for as long as I can remember so I figured this would be a nice improvement over a level 70 weapon.
  2. Thanks for the help, everyone. I would just be using it for slayer and quests since I'm not a big boss hunter.
  3. I'm about to get 200k tokens and I was wondering if chaotics are any good anymore. If so, rapier or longsword? I heard it doesn't matter anymore, but I'm just making sure.
  4. "Metropolitan Division," teams nowhere near the ocean in the Atlantic Division, uneven home/away games against division and conference rivals, and the possibility of the 20th overall team making the playoffs. Excellent work as always, Gary. :thumbup:
  5. Oh my Lord, the Heat and Blackhawks in the same week. It's every bandwagoner's wet dream. Anyway, congrats to the Hawks. I was at least glad to see the Red Wings gave them the biggest challenge. And it's also nice to see an MSU alum (Keith) hoist the Cup.
  6. [spoiler=Nothing but class from the Windy City.]
  7. Why they don't treat puck over glass exactly like icing, I don't know. The offending team should have a faceoff in their zone and not be allowed to change. I honestly don't understand why it's a 2 minute penalty. At least it made for a funny song. Anyway, I'm kind of hoping to see the Bruins stomp the Blackhawks in an Original 6 final. We should have a good final this year for the first time in recent memory.
  8. That's a shame about my bracket, especially after a questionable game 6, but what a solid post-season performance from the Red Wings! In a rebuilding year with a bunch of rookies and huge cap space, they not only made the playoffs, but took down a 2nd seed and took the President's Trophy winner to overtime in game 7. Unbelievable. So proud of my hometown team :thumbsup:. Watch out, eastern conference teams, Hockeytown is alive and kicking.
  9. As much as I would love for the Wings to bring the Cup home, I seriously doubt it. At this point, I'll be happy as long as Chicago or San Jose don't win the Cup.
  10. In other news, my bracket is still perfect.
  11. I so called this. http://www.tip.it/runescape/times/view/929-what-happened-to-runescape-2
  12. I'm saddened by the ruining of the Easter Ring, but it is for the greater good. You'd think this one wouldn't be an issue since any accounts continually abusing the discontinued item would be eventually banned anyway. Oh well.
  13. Really hoping I removed all traces of my name... https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing Edit: Looks like it only works properly if you download it from Google Docs instead of just viewing it.
  14. I made it this afternoon while bored after one of my exams. I can upload it somewhere if you're interested.
  15. I have never been more prepared to play RuneScape than now. I'm going at it on Sunday night.[spoiler=Spreadsheet] Interesting Trivia: I'm doing Shield of Arrav with the same guy I originally completed it with back in 2004 and later Heroes Quest in 2007 as well.
  16. Wait. What? Have they said anything about releasing rares at all on 07scape? :unsure: Nope, and that's exactly why I'm worried about it. This is totally something they'd do. Releasing it "very late" Friday to a select few players who will be awake for it/don't have plans on a Friday night.
  17. I sort of want to hit the 500k mark to not pay anything extra, but I really don't want a development team... I will consider anything past 249,999 votes a success I suppose.
  18. Welp, I won't be at a computer this weekend. Or should I do what 12 year old me would do and feign being busy to play RS? :razz: I swear, though, if they release rares this weekend, I will be so mad.
  19. Does anyone know whether Jagex means this Friday (the 22nd) or the Friday voting ends (the 1st)?
  20. I don't feel like reading the 200 new replies since last night. Can someone explain to me how we jumped 20k votes since this afternoon?
  21. Bly, your desperate use of the word fanboy is adorable and all, but ad homenims and projection do nothing to aid your case. :roll: You're no better than the prepubescent children who go out of their way to cry fanboy at anyone with a different taste in video game consoles. It's rather sophomoric and makes you seem insufferable. Anyway, I wouldn't like to see any additional changes to the game. I just want the original game, critical maintenance, a functioning report system, and a $5 additional charge. That's all I want. I won't go berserk if they add a "new" quest or something, but I can't see anyone getting mad unless they add the GE/godwars or remove PKing/free trade/duel arena again.
  22. Since these servers are confirmed for returning, will Tip.It be restoring old pages from August 2007? Edit: Half way there :razz:.
  23. If it's going to cost me $20, I will buy extended membership from May-August. If it's only going to cost me $10, I'll buy it year round. Either way, Jagex won't get more than $120/year from me. I just hope it's only $10 so enough people will be playing with me for a regular economy to exist.
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