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  1. List of Quests: [spoiler=2007 Quests]A Fairy Tale Part I A Fairy Tale Part II A Soul's Bane A Tail of Two Cats Animal Magnetism Another Slice of H.A.M. Between a Rock... Big Chompy Bird Hunting Biohazard Black Knights' Fortress Cabin Fever Clock Tower Cold War Contact! Cook's Assistant Creature of Fenkenstrain Darkness of Hallowvale Death Plateau Death to the Dorgeshuun Demon Slayer Desert Treasure Devious Minds Digsite Quest Doric's Quest Dragon Slayer Dream Mentor Druidic Ritual Dwarf Cannon Eadgar's Ruse Eagles' Peak Elemental Workshop I Elemental Workshop II Enakhra's Lament Enlightened Journey Ernest the Chicken Family Crest Fight Arena Fishing Contest Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf Garden of Tranquillity Gertrude's Cat Ghosts Ahoy Goblin Diplomacy Grim Tales Haunted Mine Hazeel Cult Heroes' Quest Holy Grail Horror from the Deep Icthlarin's Little Helper Imp Catcher In Aid of the Myreque In Search of the Myreque Jungle Potion King's Ransom Legends Quest Lost City Lunar Diplomacy Making History Merlin's Crystal Monkey Madness Monk's Friend Mountain Daughter Mourning's Ends Part I Mourning's Ends Part II Murder Mystery My Arm's Big Adventure Nature Spirit Observatory Quest Olaf's Quest One Small Favour Pirate's Treasure Plague City Priest in Peril Prince Ali Rescue Rag and Bone Man Rat Catchers Recipe for Disaster Recruitment Drive Regicide Romeo and Juliet Roving Elves Royal Trouble Rum Deal Rune Mysteries Scorpion Catcher Sea Slug Shades of Mort'ton Shadow of the Storm Sheep Herder Sheep Shearer Shield of Arrav Shilo Village Slug Menace Spirits of the Elid Swan Song Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Tears of Guthix Temple of Ikov The Eyes of Glouphrie The Feud The Fremennik Isles The Fremennik Trials The Giant Dwarf The Golem The Grand Tree The Great Brain Robbery The Hand in the Sand The Knight's Sword The Lost Tribe The Restless Ghost The Tourist Trap Throne of Miscellania Tower of Life Tree Gnome Village Tribal Totem Troll Romance Troll Stronghold Underground Pass Vampyre Slayer Wanted! Watchtower Waterfall Quest What Lies Below Witch's House Witch's Potion Zogre Flesh Eaters
  2. I just checked and, apparently, unids were removed from the game in September 2007. There's a nice money maker.
  3. That leads me to wonder whether there will even be enough demand to create a RWT market.
  4. I just texted a bunch of my old RS friends who I still keep up with to let them know about the vote and I presume many others are doing the same. We should have 50k by the end of the day, if not, tomorrow :thumbsup:.
  5. Logged in for the first time since December to vote. Feels good. :razz: I've also somehow moved up in the highscores about a thousand places since the last time I played. How bizarre.
  6. [spoiler=Mad at the elite quarterback?] He already outplayed Peyton Manning and Todd Bradley, two supposedly elite quarterbacks. Despite having played the most playoff games, he has yet to throw an interception this postseason while throwing 8 touchdowns. He has made the playoffs every season of his 5 year career despite playing in the second toughest division in football. He's also about to sign a $20M contract. If he's not elite, then there hasn't been an elite quarterback since John Elway.[/loljk] But in all reality, I was under the impression that elite just meant top 5. Obviously Brady, Peyton, Rodgers and Brees are top 4, but who's #5? It's certainly not Rothlesburger, Eli, Ryan, Romo, Cutler, Schaub, Stafford, or some rookie. Maybe Ponder :wink:.
  7. You trust Kaepergimmick more than an elite quarterback? :shock:
  8. My friend who was drafted just won WJC and will be joining the NHL finally. If only MSU's hockey team got its act together, everything would be alright.
  9. Agreed. I've been to r/runescape before. It's better than the RSOF perhaps, but r/gaming is by far worse. I know what a subreddit is and I know there are many that would make most seasoned internet users shudder. I'm also well familiar with the system they use to censor dissenting opinions. That's why Tip.It is vastly superior to r/runescape or r/gaming for any logical discussion that includes differing opinions. Don't agree with their hivemind? le downboats xD. Don't agree here? You have the opportunity to defend yourself without your posts being instantly buried.
  10. Ask Me (Almost) Anything. AMA's often appear on that hellhole, though I doubt it's only seen there. When did Q&A become "Ask Me (Almost) Anything"? That is terribly stupid. More descriptive actually than Jagex's typical Q&A and equally 'productive' with the added bonus of extra visibility on /r/runescape, /r/gaming, /r/ama, etc. If you're going to waste the lead designer's time, at least get some good advertisement out of it."Oh, excellent. reddit kids are exactly what RuneScape needs." - Nobody Ever
  11. Ask Me (Almost) Anything. AMA's often appear on that hellhole, though I doubt it's only seen there. When did Q&A become "Ask Me (Almost) Anything"? That is terribly stupid.
  12. What is an AMAA? Is this some reddit thing?
  13. The dance went well and I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the advice, everyone. :thumbup:
  14. Yep, I got my hopes up too soon. They took everything off the table last night. I have never heard anyone so mad as the small man last night. The guys on TSN didn't really know what to say after that speech so they practically just cut straight to Thursday Night Football. Unbelievable.
  15. There are rumors floating around that the lockout will be over by Sunday night and we will see the first puck drop of a 50-56 game season on the 20th. Let's hope for the best. I'll start off with my playoff predictions: New York and Minnesota probably improved the most in the off season while Nashville will need to begin to rebuild. Without Lidstrom, Detroit will have to creep into the playoffs at a low spot and, if they make it at all, should expect an early exit. LA is returning most of the important players on their roster. I don't see them winning their division, but I wouldn't count them out to repeat. Toronto seemingly started losing games on purpose near the end of last season, presumably for better draft picks. I don't see their rookies making much of an impact, but I would be surprised if they didn't contend for a playoff spot when the East is so weak outside of the Atlantic division.
  16. The lost art of scrimshaw? Girls like things carved from bones, right? :P Seriously though, there are a myriad of choices. Are you going into this cold, or do you know her already? Do you know if you and she have similar interests? You could always discuss current events, sports, local/national/campus politics, similar classes you might be taking, movies you've recently seen, etc... Well, I meant besides scrimshaw, of course :razz: Everyone at the dance will pretty much know each other by name and probably accept any request to dance. I don't have any single person in mind so I couldn't say what their interests necessarily are. Asking someone's name, major, year, residence hall, etc is the usual small talk when meeting someone around here and I didn't want to run out of things to say after that. As for sports, the Lions are terrible, I don't know anything about basketball, hockey is locked out, and our football team didn't do so well this year either, so not much to talk about there. The only movie I've seen in the last two months is Skyfall and I'm assuming they wouldn't want to talk about girls, martinis, and guns just as I don't want to talk about sparkling vampires. Similar classes/professors/major is my best hope at this point. Thanks for your advice, Kaida. Also, is it normal to ask a different girl to dance each slow song? I haven't been to a dance in a few years because I went to an all male high school, so I'm trying to refresh my memory on this stuff.
  17. Can anyone tell me some good topics to discuss when asking a girl to dance? Keep in mind this is a formal dance in a college environment. I'm not looking for anything serious, I just don't want to be boring.
  18. Not sure if this will work, but try entering from the wildy, taking the heat globe from that side, and carrying it over to the west side. You might need telegrab runes and an anti-dragonfire shield.
  19. So I finally got around to doing RotM yesterday before the EoC update and I only have 333/335 quest points now. When Some Like it Cold is only worth 1 quest point, where am I missing a quest point? The only other ones I haven't done were the replacement quests for Doric's Quest and Prince Ali Rescue, but I was under the impression we kept our quest points...
  20. Sorry to double post, but this thread's been dead for a while thanks to the lockout. However, the thread is for ice hockey, not just the NHL. Anyway, I went to my first college hockey game last night and had the opportunity to watch Michigan State rout Michigan 7-2. The atmosphere was great and the student section was really passionate. I saw one of my brother's friends score a goal, which was ironic because he was at a Plymouth Whalers game where he watched one of my friends play. Most importantly, it was really nice getting my hockey fix.
  21. Kanye is a talentless idiot. http://www.voanews.c...er/1363615.html
  22. I hope he does it and makes Trump look like more of an idiot than he already is. In fact, he should agree to do it if Romney releases his tax returns. On another note, Obama gained 2 in the Gallup tracking poll and RAND tracking poll, 1 in the IBD/TIPP poll, and held in the Rasmussen poll. This is the first day including post-debate results. Romney already released his tax returns, not that it's important anyway. http://www.mittromney.com/disclosure/mitt/tax-return/2011/wmr-adr-return Obama shouldn't acknowledge Trump. The fact that he did it first time with his birth certificate (did people really believe they'd let him run if he wasn't born in the U.S.?) showed weakness in his character. This is even stupider. So what if Obama got Cs at Harvard? I know I wouldn't have the motivation to pull that off.
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