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  1. Sorry for the late answer, had a bit of trouble getting my password reset.. But the page was taken down, because the voting ended wednesday at 10pm! [hide=...and the results are...] So to everyone who voted: I LOVE YOU <3: [/hide]
  2. Ofcourse I don't mind! :) Here's a screenshot of the current ranking in my category: As you can see, I have a good lead on second place at the moment, but since the online voting still lasts till october 19th, I can still use all the votes you guys can spare ;)
  3. Wicked! And thanks for the vote ;)
  4. Thanks all sooo much, it really means the world to me! :) And was thinking about giving away some kind of price to extra motivate some users, but I guess TIF is loving enough :D Thanks! And yeah, music has always been my passion, I play the guitar, piano and drums, also produce my own dubstep/dnb tracks, and a while ago also fell in love with DJ'ing. If I manage to win this contest, it'll kinda be my breakthrough :)
  5. Heya fellow TIF'ers! As some of you might have seen from my sig, I have recently entered a DJ Contest in my hometown. I first had to send in a mixtape, after which 15 contenders (in my categorie, which is DnB/Dubstep) were selected. I was one of the happy few, so I was able to move on to the next round! Now, in round 2, it's the people's votes that count! How does this work? Well, each DJ got his own contest fanpage on Facebook, and now we have to collect as many likes as we can. As I assume that most of you have Facebook, I could really use your vote (or in other words, your like!). For moving on to the next round, I need to be in the top 6 (I will keep you guys updated on how my ranking is), but the higher I am in that top 6, the better time slot I will get, with the best being right before the main (and thus well known) act. Now where's this page you ask? You can find it HERE (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Leuven-Goes-Out-DJ-Contest-Neglexis-dnbdubstep/176496132429158). So all I ask of you, are 2 single clicks. One for getting to the page, the other for liking the page. Nothing more, nothing less. Those two click from you, mean so much more to me. You only need 1 spare second, so please, help me out! Also, you don't have to worry, I am NOT able to see who liked the page, as I am not owner of the fanpage, the contest organisers are. So please, don't let the fear of me accessing your private info hold you back. If any of you would be interested in judging me before you cast your vote, here's my entry: http://soundcloud.com/neglexis/leuven-goes-out-deejay-contest :) I also appreciate any form of feedback on this track, so don't hesitate to tell me what you think! Remember, it only takes you 1 second to give me 30 minutes of playtime on one of the biggest shows here! Thanks in advance everyone :)
  6. The music is incredible, couldn't believe it when i saw it was you who wrote the track. You've got some talent there ;)
  7. Indeed, jpeg may seem small, but png files aren't that much bigger (if they're not smaller), and have a massive increase in quality!
  8. I think Het Volk is a tifer, so that could explain a thing or two :D
  9. I'd really go for the Sony Headphones I mentioned a few posts ago. They're like $46 AUD, converted from . The problem with headphones is that you either have to spend a ridiculous amount of money (200+) for awesome quality, or you buy a pair that is quite cheap (~50), but with lesser quality. It's not really worth it to spend anything inbetween.
  10. Earbuds when I'm exercising (unless I'm in my little home gym, I'll use my Logitech Speakers). Other times I'll use my Sony headphones. Best buy I ever did, and can really recommend these. Only cost me €35, quality is amazing for that price (at least when compared to my €50 WESC's I had before) and they have a good 'heavy' bass, which I love. It's the MDR-V150 if anyone would be interested. When I'm behind my desk, my König 2.2 speakers do the job. As you can tell, I really need bass :) [hide=Sony Headphones][/hide] [hide=Logitech iPod Speakers][/hide] [hide=König 2.2][/hide]
  11. As said before, a podcast is the way to go. Doing this will get you way more listeners than limiting your show to a live broadcast in a fixed timespot. Also, one minor thing I noticed, you said you would talk about your own accounts and stuff, but I wouldn't exaggerate with it. You could like just mention it (e.g. 'Don't forget to congratulate {showhost1}'s achievement of {whatever}). Another thing you could do is make it so people can send them their own achievements, so you can mention them as well. People like attention, so if you give your listeners enough, you will be able to keep them ;) Other than that, I would sure check it out from time to time!
  12. Not sure if this will be any help for you, but here's the graphic representation of your data: [hide="Large Image][/hide]
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh7A8LW-NbE&feature=channel_video_title It's finally heeeeeeere!
  14. Neglexis

    Are you a DJ?

    Another mix, back to dubstep however! http://soundcloud.com/neglexis/enough-for-everyone
  15. Neglexis

    Are you a DJ?

    http://soundcloud.com/neglexis/filth-fm-drum-bass-competition My newest mix, Drum & Bass for a change :)
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