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  1. The Observer


    No medical assistance in dying there? Seems pretty inhumane, I agree. Sometimes I wonder why some patients are full codes when pretty much it's just prolonging their suffering.
  2. The Observer


    Agreed with decreasing the amount of dishes you have. Also cleaning your dishes right after a meal is also a great thing... although I can understand why it can't happen all the time.
  3. The Observer


    I wish Goon would call me
  4. The Observer


    Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click .
  5. The Observer


    It will be Australia's winter. Somewhat bearable for my Canadian skin.
  6. The Observer


    Considering visiting the land down under this summer.
  7. The Observer


    Isn't it like midnight in the land down under?
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