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  1. stevepole


    Judging by the activity on this forum, I'd say Tip.It was the first impacted by COVID-19
  2. stevepole


    Did you take control from old man Silverion?
  3. stevepole


    I think having always lived on the west coast there has always been a struggle with using the internet when it comes to spoilers. It's not that I think spoilers are the end of the world, but there is this 3 hour window of high alert where you have to be cautious of where you look on the internet or you'll have the simplest but broad plot points revealed or completely spoiled before a show is broadcasted on the west coast. At about 6PM sharp yesterday I had already seen my twitter feed flooded with headlines like "Jon Snow's fate revealed" which doesn't say much about the story but it let me know that a major, highly anticipated plot point is going to finally be answered in this episode which took a little sparkly out of the big moment. So when I found myself discussing the episode today with my coworkers I was more interested in everything else that happened in the episode then with the big, worst keep secret in the history of the show, moment. Also all the major players featured so far this season are like boarder the line between super hero/villain and gods.
  4. stevepole


    I've been too busy lately to pay attention to what's been happening in North Carolina but for as observer from a far, it shows me that we need better education on the subject. There is so much that is unknown about gender/identify that it makes voting for legislation like this hard for the average voter when they know little of the subject.
  5. I had to vote for Emily. She lives in my neighborhood and I've almost collided into once when I was out on a run a few months ago, so you know, we've had a moment.
  6. The nice part about voting for Johaug is that my odds would be a nice 1:1, where the current 12 of you would be fighting over 1 girl. :shades:
  7. stevepole


    I hope all is well buddy
  8. stevepole


    It's crazy what some companies demand out of their employees. I was talking with a friend last night and she was laying out her work schedule over the next several weeks and she's basically going nonstop all day and night for 3 weeks. I don't even think she makes much more then I do in salary to be able to justify the sacrifice of her work-life balance.
  9. stevepole


    I don't think so. After rune you have: dragon - not able to be acquired in the traditional way but still bits of dragon metal barrows - pieces of armor from the barrows brothers bandos - the armor from the god/god's generals torva - more powerful version of bandos from Nex's generals testu - crafted from the East with inanimate materials malevolent - crafted from energy and other materials achto - something something raids, but don't think there's anything magical there. Wut Wut
  10. I think Taylor is hotter, but I also think she's way to thin. Voted Inna.
  11. stevepole


    There's no point to observing daylight savings. An absolute garbage tradition. Arizona doesn't observe it and it's one of the few things I miss about living there. I still had a very productive day, but my body clock is so off right now. I also did my taxes today, it wasn't very complicated, maybe took 20 minutes total to do free with Turbo Tax online, and I'm getting a fat tax return too. So no lawyers, no help, just me, the internet, and a few clicks.
  12. stevepole


    He might be the biggest comedy goldmine since Bush though! ...Wait, the Bush era brought us Family Guy. Never mind. But Family Guy came out when Clinton was still in office. Nothing like a failed pop culture reference.
  13. stevepole


    I hadn't heard that rumor yet. Ghosts was the first title that was constructed by Infinity Ward after their whole employee purge in 2010. It's not surprising that they're continuing the series, but they have a lot work to do to impress the gaming community. I think the advance movement system is here to stay for a while, but I won't be mad if they move away from it.
  14. stevepole


    I just think at some point they become "too young". 7 year difference at my age is a big difference. I think if you're like 40 dating a 30 year old it's fine, but a 25 year old dating someone that's pretty much still in high school is a bit weird. Oddly enough i got a call from her earlier today asking me if i had any interest in maybe taking her sister out who's new in town. I agreed to it without knowing what her sister looks like. I didn't really want to ask for a picture of her before i said yes or no because that would pretty much just come off as douchey. She did refer to her as her "hot older sister" so there's hope. I wish you the best lol
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