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  1. RpgGamer


    In an effort to keep the community together, we inadvertently sealed the forums fate. Whoops.
  2. We really need to not encourage this level of depravity
  3. RpgGamer


    Oh look who came crawling back
  4. RpgGamer


    I just realized the new format forces ads on mobile. Ew
  5. RpgGamer


    Is this your Last Air Bender arc where you reappear to defend us from the Fire Nation (porn bots/passport phish) a few years too late? But it's good to see a friendly name in red again. And finally we have someone to give credit to for keeping these forums on the grid. Cheers to that
  6. RpgGamer


    This new UI makes me uncomfortable
  7. RpgGamer


    I think I'm ready to pronounce these forums dead
  8. RpgGamer


    I was previously a dishwasher by profession so 10 minutes worth of home dishes that I got to eat with beats 12 hours of dishes from other people any day. But I know some people hate it. Like ring said, you gotta add consequences. Maybe when you order out take a screen shot of your receipt total and look at how much money you're wasting on takeout every month instead of A few dollars for a good sponge and some soap. I'm guessing you don't have a dishwasher... I've also seen it where people are too lazy to load and unload a dishwasher which is insane to me. At that point probably best to reward yourself until it just becomes something you want to do, like a Pavlovian dog. I used to hate doing laundry but then it came to be beer time. Load the machine? Have a beer. Unload and fold the clothes? Another beer. Now I can do it without the beer.
  9. It's not as simple as +14 I think it's closer to if magic or range is higher than str+atk combined Not 100% sure if HP is calculated along with Def either. Remember the splash mage pures that had 99 magic and 10hp? They were only like mid 20s if memory serves
  10. RpgGamer


    Not so bad Tim, how're ya now?
  11. RpgGamer


    Happy holidays ya old farts
  12. RpgGamer


    Perhaps a better example. Imagine your brain is a record and your train of thought is a song. And a complex task is an album. Executive dysfunction is a faulty needle that plays the first minute or so of track 1 just to skip to the middle of track 3 and bouncing between track 7 and 8. If you focus you can get it to play all of track 1, but it leaves you with anxiety about never being able to know how track 3 starts or how track 9 ends.
  13. RpgGamer


    True executive dysfunction is a little tougher than generic lack if motivation. Executive dysfunction is still having the motivation but the inability to utilize it. Like say you want to make a pizza for dinner. You can drive to the store (probably also difficult but let's skip that). You get to the store and you're excited about pizza. But now you don't know what cheese you want to use. Or what sauce. And everything comes in different sizes and shapes. Is it wasteful to have too much oregano? Do you buy organic or whole grain dough? Do you have a rolling pin? And then you realize you preheated the oven. Or did You? You panic and go home. The oven light was on, but not the oven. There was already flour all over the counter. You were fully motivated to make a pizza. But couldn't.
  14. RpgGamer


    I've heard making checklists and verbally going through them periodically can help alleviate executive dysfunction
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