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  1. Diesel

    2012 Music

    Really getting into the Of Monsters and Men album as of late. Really really solid.
  2. Temper Trap last night. Guy could freaking belt it out man. Great voice.
  3. [hide]I'd love to see a Justice League movie. Just saying[/hide]
  4. SPOILER [hide]Does anyone else wish Batman had actually died? Also, I kind of laughed when everyone gasped when Robin was revealed. Seriously, did no one else see that coming? I mean, honestly. I thought it was pretty obvious.[/hide]
  5. I missed part the opening scene last night so I was confused for a bit when I turned it on and there weren't any characters that I recognized. Good episode again. I love Mike.
  6. Diesel


    This is basically how I felt about it. I actually saw two guys smoking during the movie towards the front of the theater. There were some haha moments, but I honestly didn't die laughing at anything. Overall I'd say it's worth seeing, but I wouldn't waste my time seeing it again.
  7. Happy birthday!!!!! :D

  8. Alg

    Happy birthday!

  9. Diesel

    2012 Music

    :thumbup: Also, the new Tallest Man On Earth and Walk The Moon albums are decent.
  10. Diesel

    Spectrum crunch

    And here's a possible solution. http://www.tgdaily.com/networking-features/61818-twisting-radio-waves-could-boost-capacity
  11. Let's see... Recently I've seen Radiohead & The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Both were good except for some [bleep]er who thought it was a good idea to whip it out and take a piss on my leg during the Radiohead show. Don't do drugs kids. This week I get to see Of Montreal and Eric Hutchinson for my job. EDIT: If you have the chance to see of Montreal. DO IT. Easily in the top 3 shows that I've ever seen.
  12. Saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd last week. He was a one hit wonder with "Blue on Black" back in 1997. He's a fantastic blues guitarist in his own right and his live band features the drummer from Double Trouble (Stevie Ray Vaughn), the bassist from the Firm, and the keyboardist for Willie Nelson. It was a sick show. I got the set list paper.
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