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  1. Alba and Beckinsale. Feels more like 2005 than 2015
  2. at a bar, beer. I prefer light beer most of the time. I hate IPAs, it makes me feel bloated. at a club, any vodka or rum (cran vodka looks queer but it's amazing) at home, hard cider at house parties, shots. Tequila if you want to have a morning you'll regret
  3. It's really sad how Americans just approach these killings as if it's just a normal occurrence now (like that guy said "they'll still happen" - [bleep]ing wow). I guess the lives of 20 children is just something you sacrifice so rednecks and psychos can keep buying guns without having to apply for permit/license. Anyway, I don't even think anymore that changing gun rights will make any immediate impact. There's just too much guns available in America to even attempt to control it now.
  4. Faux

    Dota 2

    Can't play NP. But I'm pretty good with druid lol. Reminds me of hunter Lol @ my Furion
  5. Did you actually get a WC ticket? I think it would be nice to go, but I imagine people who will be buying those tickets will be the mature crowd.
  6. What about them? They're converse and grey. So controversial.
  7. I bought about $400 worth of stuff online in the past few weeks and saved at least 30%. Not to mention the money I saved when I went to outlets. Buying full priced clothing is for suckers :) Am I the only one who goes to malls to try out stuff and buy it online after? I just need to make sure they fit, but it's just stupid how much cheaper it is even if I ship from US.
  8. Faux

    Dota 2

    If you haven't checked it out yet https://dotabuff.com/ Tracks all your stats. I have 52-53% win rate so I think I'm doing well. This is my first "moba" so I played horrible my first few games. My favourite hero is Leshrac. Very versatile hero. Can go on any lane, provides disable, can push well and play support or semi-carry. I just played batrider. Got carried so hard because I played horrible and won lol. Fun hero to play but I'm so bad with him
  9. Faux

    Dota 2

    No idea why there's no thread for this, but anyone else plays it? It's not a pay to win game unlike other free games, but it's in beta so you do need an invite to play. Game is beautiful and really high quality for a free game. The voice acting alone in this game surprises most people. The only thing I don't really like about this game is Hispanic/Latin American players who queue in US servers and can't speak English. Other than that it's really fun.
  10. I know what you mean. But PC graphics is only "better" when your PC is on par with current tech. If not, you're forced to lower a lot of your graphic settings which most of the time puts it at the same level (if not worse) as consoles. To keep up with the technology, it will cost more than $300 (about the price of a higher mid tier GPU) in the same span as a console's generation (5-6 years). Also remember I'm going by American prices. PC parts are even less competitive outside the US. Though most of you probably won't care to know. I actually made this as a satire (though an accurate one imo). Not a rant ;) P.S. to the other person who keeps denying the popularity of multiple screen setups https://www.google.c...iw=1280&bih=640
  11. I don't mind. Just an example. BF2 - released in 2009. Let's say it's around your typical "$500 budget" (which it probably isn't because the GPUs alone cost $200 back then). Recommended specs: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon XP equivalent 1 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 256 MB or ATi Radeon 9500 256 MB 3 GB of free hard disk space for Windows swap file and save data BF3 - released 2011: Quick check off newegg.com, GTX560 costs $270, on sale for $233. Not even looking at the cost of a quad core, and the extra ram. new MB and the new OS. Recommended specs: Windows 7 64-bit Intel or AMD quad-core 4 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 6950 Two years apart...
  12. No it isn't. It's honestly simple logic you can't grasp. PC gaming sucking doesn't mean console gaming doesn't suck.Both of them can suck differently. I can also make a list of why console gaming is also horrible (better than your attempts to, anyway), but that's for another thread. I made this thread for the "PC gaming race superiority" rats that plagued the other thread. That's all. Stop trying to act like you know me personally. It just makes me laugh tbh.
  13. I said I had a midline gaming laptop and several consoles. I never said I had a top tier desktop PC. I don't have the funds to build a top of the line machine yet. If lacking the funds to build one defines you as a "casual" - which is a laughable term, especially when used as you have - then I have to wonder where you fall in this ambiguous "casual" and "pro" labels you chuck around. I am well aware of the advanced features that you claim I don't know about. Long gone are the days where you had to be an "advanced user" in order to have a top-of-the line, home built PC, though. RAID, btw, isn't necessary for a top tier gaming rig. They're for advanced users who want redundancy and insurance against hdd failure. To mention it as being one of the "defining" traits that separate "casuals" from "pros" in gaming is confusing, to say the least. You imply that having multiple gaming consoles devalues them as a gaming enthusiast. Please explain what you mean here, because that seems like quite the assumption. And an incorrect one at that. They are not a mutually exclusive thing by any stretch of the imagination, and to imply otherwise only lessens your credibility and weakens your argument. As for what you claim are my own assumptions...if they were false, you would have an answer for my questions. You show your ignorance about what you're debating against when you bandy about terms you don't even understand and fail to listen to the people you're actually talking with by citing things they never even said. To put it bluntly, you're talking out of your ass. You don't understand what is essential and what isn't when building a desktop (let alone purchasing premade!) and how it affects the bottom line price of what you're paying. You quote RAID, xfire, and dualmonitors as if they're essential to your build. You can't conclude that anything is more expensive than the other when you don't even understand what the costs are associated with it. So now we're talking about essentials? Coming from the person who brought up the multiple console point that started this line of debate. Lol. Also, just a tip: people don't throw out their PS2 because they bought a PS3. So yes, most people actually do have multiple consoles. You're out of touch of "most people" if you think price doesn't matter. Kind of inane to just limit the scope of what is enjoyable. How about just simply calling consoles more enjoyable because 4 people can enjoy it at the same time vs a loner on a PC?
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