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    Runescape, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, football, wimminz, XBL, ya know.

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  1. I usually only play during the Summer. Most of the time I have something to occupy my time, but in the summer I get really bored and just start playing RS again.
  2. I am trying to sign in on the right server. When I try to recover my password it says my account does not exist. Which it does, because I received a confirmation email. -_- Did you use the sign up link at the beginning of this thread? If you did it is my personal sign up code which would count towards my referrals. I play on the NA server, which would, in all likelihood, make your account NA. You should probably go to the EU website to sign up, and retry it from there. You won't need to re download the client either with the new ability to switch to your respective region within the client. I hope I've helped, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. With the changes to medals in ranked(bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) I am no very close to Gold. This is very exciting to me. If anybody wants to add me my summoner name is Belegdhor.
  4. Saw Suomi the other day and remembered he is a TIFer, and that he frequently posts on this thread. Good luck with 200m in all skills Suomi.
  5. Best clue scroll reward I've ever had! Needless to say, I'm pleased. \:D/
  6. The Old Nite was one of my favorite 'Scapers. I recall chatting with him quite a bit shortly after Farming was released. He was a very nice and humble guy. May he R.I.P.
  7. Well I just got through my first attempt. I died on wave 61 because of a sad combination of lag and an unfortunate enemy spawn. Since I won't be able to go through the whole fight caves with my Slayer Helmet now, I will not be doing the Fight Caves again right now. I will probably try again in about a week, or whenever I get assigned a task. Thanks for the help anyway guys.
  8. So I have been assigned Tzhaar as my slayer task and I have opted for going through the Fight Caves. I have never done them before and I am unsure on how I should approach or what I should take. My stats aren't even close to optimal, but: 82 Attack 80 Strength 80 Defence 78 Ranged 83 HP 70 Prayer Can get 71 and get Curses soon. 70 Herblore so no extremes 56 Dung so no Chaotics Should I melee or range them? What items should I bring? My budget is about 20-30M or so. I have a full slayer helmet and a fury as well. Thanks for the help in advance.
  9. Bump, and this just in! I'm no longer bad (kind of)
  10. This quest + behind the scenes makes me want to start playing again.
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