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  1. Low Levelled


    I'm still blown away 20% would support him
  2. Low Levelled


    I can't believe conservatives still support the Donald given some of his recent quotes
  3. Low Levelled


    Politics make me cringe. Not looking forward fall of 2016 for that reason
  4. Low Levelled


    I see both angles in this argument and I don't think either side is holistically right or wrong. What really matters, however, is that I love OT tif and all the posters within
  5. Essentially what I was thinking. I'm still surprised. Some women just want to watch the world burn
  6. Low Levelled


    I can see it now, there's an app for that
  7. Went home with a girl from a bar last night, only to have her tell me during foreplay that she's waiting till marriage for sex. Did not see that coming
  8. Low Levelled


    I think B.O. is more prevalent in my few plane experiences
  9. So.. Met a girl at a bar last night, we danced for a few songs and I got her number.. Thought she was pretty cool, good sense of humor.. Saw her at another bar later, against my better judgment (thanks rum n coke) talked to her again and asked her to dance.. This time she said she didn't feel like dancing and wanted to hang with her friends.. She's a huge Royals fan which is a plus, but I kind of don't feel like texting her.
  10. Low Levelled


    Yeh I hate having to sit next to a fatty on a plane
  11. Low Levelled


    I don't know any of these bands and I don't know if that's good or bad
  12. Low Levelled


    My dad would get so pissed. He'd always want me to do it and I'd rather play catch so we'd always play catch instead
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