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  1. Ring_World


    zombie site up again?
  2. Ring_World


    Ring world 4 admin
  3. Ring_World


    Software guy here too. Definitely lucky I think the tip it discord has kept the community alive but devistated the forums
  4. Ring_World


    i want to play videos and [bleep]ing chill but work has gotten more crazy than ever despite wfh. I know I still got a job and it ain't medical or retail where im likely to get infected but man i'm exhausted.
  5. Ring_World


    @mystery admin - make rpg a mod. Ty
  6. Ring_World


    might be dead for reals this time but I have seen it die in here for longer than this current downtime
  7. Ring_World


    What is your thoughts on those tasks in the moment. Like when your hungry and no dishes. What goes wrong on the 'well its dish time'. Is your thought an 'I'll get to it later' Or something else perhaps? But I guess my post is how I'd handle a 'I'm so overwhelmed idk where to begin' that keeps popping up
  8. Ring_World


    So your single and live alone right? You really don't need more dishes than that. 1 fork, 2 knives, 1 spoon + the previously listed. Means even in a full depressive episode this won't be an hour long slog to clean. And when something happens that you can't call uber eats for, like your 2 cups are dirty, maybe you had dairy or coffee and its caked onto the bottom of it. You are literally forced to clean them when its 2 am and you are woke up and are dehydrated. And when that happens it will take 30 seconds, and theres a 50% chance you'll look at the 3 other dishes and say [bleep] it now its 1 minute of work.
  9. Ring_World


    I got a housemate who wont clean his dishes, so people just started putting them in his pantry on his food and he suddenly got way more motivated. Basically consequences help. Heres how to create some for yourself: If you want to do your dishes throw out 90% of them so you have 1 plate 2 cups and 2 pans and magically your dishes get done more frequently. Also yeah I've been up to 4am daily too shit sucks
  10. The 'feel' of the animations makes everything feel like its moving slower than AOE2HD. Also the units feel less distinct. I wouldn't quite say i can't tell them apart but in a busy black forest game its harder to tell than it used to be. Glad it exists but wish the colors were more saturated like aoe2
  11. wonder how long it'll take to get the full front page filled with 200m players. Also what do you do at 200m? Try to do the equivalent of comp cape trimmed? (cwars armor, all pets, etc., clue scroll or bossing ranks?)
  12. Ring_World


    99 but i want you to know im an ironman btw, btw btw btw btw btw btw
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