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  1. aspeeder


    Admittedly I'm probably caught up in all the craziness that tonight had to offer. No, I probably won't be physically assaulted or anything, but I know that legislation is coming that will make my life, and those like me, a living hell. And I am truly worried that results like these will embolden people to, if not assault, at least to create a hostile environment.
  2. aspeeder


    I'm trans, I genuinely fear for my safety. These results will embolden the bigots among us and convince them that they will be supported, or at least not stopped.
  3. aspeeder


    I genuinely don't know how I'm gonna work tomorrow, I'm really [bleep]ing scared
  4. I remember when the forums went offline for a few weeks to transfer to a new system and checking constantly to see if it was back.
  5. Same, I thought this skill might have gotten me back in after about 4 months of not caring but seems like way too much [cabbage] is going down atm. Just from browsing the thread, it seems like they really just completely missed the items that need to have a sink.
  6. I'm not so sure about that; it might just be the players I'm exposed to but the rs community seems to be older than it used to be, at least to the point where school vacation times aren't as big an influence as they used to be. I'd bet that RuneFest couldn't have happened in 07 just due to lack of the audience's financial or familial independence. I might be wrong, most of the people on here have aged with me and I certainly don't socialize in rs with many new people anymore. I just honestly doubt that the waning audience numbers have much to do with school schedules anymore, and if over any future summer vacation this place becomes as active as it was in ~2010 I'll eat my 3DS.
  7. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  8. I'm curious what they're going to do about the dozens/hundreds of people who die on the first day a new quest is released with a somewhat difficult boss. I can remember dying a few times during the branches of darkmeyer and TWW, and having to go through all of this multiple times when everyone is still learning the one or two mechanics needed would be awful.
  9. Looks like something interesting to do for a while, but all I really want are boots and gloves for the current armor sets.
  10. So I'm finally finishing up the dg task set, and for some reason the saga task isn't clearing even though I've finished all of them unabridged. Do I have to finish the ones I did prior to the release of the task set, or what other things would you suggest?
  11. So is it just me, or is this quest and One Piercing Note some of JaGeX's stronger work?
  12. Torn between div, as my only >90 skill, or hunt to use up my 500k bxp at 3x
  13. Just finished battling a defamation case against a dead navy SEAL, in case you thought the real justice system was less absurd than JAGEX's fiascoes.
  14. I'm just glad the rewards don't really interest me, since I've always been terrible at bosses.
  15. Miiiight be getting the silver package, but considering my rate of $5 it'd be about 14 dollars more for 50k loyalty points, one more daily spin, and some pets I will never use. Either way they really flubbed the gold package this time, before the rewards were better and the price was much lower, I don't really see the appeal of a private world talking to j mods when with some digging you can find the discussions elsewhere.
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