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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Have they said why nothing in the dungeon drops anything except the stuff used to summon reinforcements?
  3. I can't wait to see what happens to the economy at the end of February with the likely DXP weekend and people hoarding anything they can for Invention.
  4. Hey Sy, Thanks for the feedback on the guide. I'll try and make the changes to the guide this week, as for the tool belt section it may take slightly longer because of my work schedule but I'll see what I can do :)
  5. Hi sorry for the delay in responding, I've been away for a week. Thanks for the feedback, I will have a look at putting in information about the main slayer dungeons into the guide. What do you mean about adding more hyperlinks though?
  6. The Slayer guide is nearing the end of a significant re-write which should address a lot of the issues of newer content being missing from it :)
  7. What's the best Blisterwood weapon to use for the quest? I made myself a crossbow thinking it would be decent but its dps is horrible, tried the wand and orb which seems much better but what about dual-wielding sickles?
  8. Patch Week | Limited Time Merch Store Offer The ninjas have been busy this week adding a ton of patches and tweaks to the game, including improvements to Warbands and the Crystal shapeshifters! Warbands Warbands have been updated to re-invigorate the high-risk, high-reward aspect of the D&D. The new patches will mean that: Supplies will now be converted into non-tradeable versions when exiting the wilderness.Players may attack others outside of the normal wilderness level restrictions when carrying supplies. Carriers may still counter-attack.Chat options on Quercus now allow players to toggle whether they receive coins or supplies when killing a victim holding Warband supplies.Players can now be attacked while looting a Warbands tent. Crystal Shapeshifters Shapeshifters have been also had a few tweaks and fixes. Here are some of the changes to crystal shapeshifters: Players will no longer lose focus in combat when a Crystal Shapeshifter switches combat style.Crystal Shapeshifters will now retaliate correctly after charging towards a player.Crystal Shapeshifters have been added to the Slayer Creature kills list in the Beasts tab of the Adventures interface.There have also been a few other notable changes for players to enjoy: Players can now consistently use the Quick-travel option on goebies to travel around Mazcab if they have the required reputation.The Ninjas have updated the Demonic skull so re-entering a runecrafting altar via the abyss will now guarantee the XP bonus, regardless of how quickly the player returned.Max has been given a makeover care of the Ninjas, spot him running his skilling circuit around Varrock with his new gear.Read the rest of today's patch notes. Limited Time RS Merch Store T-Shirt Offer! For a limited time only, players will be able to purchase official RS T-shirts from the Merch Store using in-game RS3 Bonds! Players will be able to exchange 6 Bonds for a voucher code which can be redeemable at the Merch Store for any available T-shirt model and size with shipping included. To get your T-shirts, head in game and go to the Upgrade & Extras window, select the RS Bonds option and click Redeem Bonds to see the T-shirt option. But hurry! There's only a limited amount of codes and T-shirts available, so get your T-shirts with Bonds while stocks last! Clan update This week also sees the start of the Clan Cup with both Skilling Cup and Boss Cupsbeginning in earnest as Clans strive to get to the top of the table! Get your hatchets ready for Woodcutting XP in the skilling cup while it is the mighty Queen Black Dragon that sets the challenge in the Boss Cup. Visit our RuneScape clan forums to find out more. Live Streams this Week Each week we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel. Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you may have missed, including last week's RuneFest teasers! Developer Q&A: with Elf City Waterfall Fishing teasers | 16:00 UTC, Tuesday 8th September Join the usual cast of JMods on the streaming sofas as they take your questions - this week, we'll be featuring Elf City Waterfall Fishing, the RuneLabs winner from earlier this year - showing you teasers of what to expect, as well as answering your questions. Ask your questions on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA. The Drop! | 20:00 UTC, Tuesday 8th September After a few months’ hiatus, our very own RuneScape game show is back! Join Mods JD and Neena as they test your RuneScape nous, and crown some lucky winners with a Bond or two! There will also be the chance to win your very own prizes in the stream chat as well. Don't miss it! Events this week This week there are loads of in-game events which you can attend! Check them out and say hi to the Mods! Wednesday 9th September 2015 Mod Kalaya's King Kalphite Mass event - w68 at 14:00 Game Time Friday 11th September 2015 Mod Sky's, Mod Kalaya's & Mod Neena's Heist event - w89 at 15:00 Game Time Check out all of the events on our official forums! In Other News Reminder - All Lumbridge beach cocktails, ice creams, sunscreen, coconuts and fish will be removed on the 14th September. Tradeable tokens from the event will also be made untradeable at the end of this year.RuneFest Reminder - Make sure you stock up on your RuneFest Zemomarks this week by purchasing them with Bonds in-game. From Monday 14th September, they will be removed, so make sure you get in quick to avoid disappointment! [hide=Patch Notes] [/hide]
  9. You can speak to Lord Baxtorian and Azzanadra, I think Zaros as well?
  10. [hide]Whenever I feel bad about sacrificing Eluned I use this picture to remind myself that it was the kindest thing I could have done for her [/hide]
  11. [hide] I added Haluned and Eluned's crystals resulting in both the scarf and halo and a rather cutting comment from Seren when you ask her what Eluned was "She was your friend. At least she believed herself to be ;_;[/hide]
  12. First quest I have done since I died of boredom trying to do Dimension of Disaster and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the story was really good, Tarddiad was nicely designed and I really liked the new design of Seren. Some interesting things to take away from the quest though: [hide]1. Zaros and Seren have a messed up relationship thanks to their creation and conflicting ideals (I know we saw some of this in FotG). 2. Both Guthix and Seren advise us not to trust Zaros. Guthix because he is a being that returned from the dead and Seren because she believes he craves power and will stop at nothing to get it however he's much less obvious about it than say Zamorak. 3. Seren seems mostly indifferent towards us and did not seem to appreciate us sacrificing Eluned to bring her back. 4. She believes that Saradomin has lost his way due to his blind belief that he is doing what is best for Gielinor and not listening to others. Apparently it falls to us to put him back on the right path if we so wish. 5. She doesn't hold very high opinions of any of the Gods except sort of Saradomin. She doesn't have fond memories of Armadyl but accepts he has likely changed. 6. She is full of regret and remorse for her actions. 7. There is a 9th elven clan who stayed behind on Tarddiad. Overall she is a really interesting addition to the game and hopefully her story goes somewhere interesting rather than just having he stand in the Tower of Voices for all eternity. I am assuming that there may be event where Seren and Zaros clash over the Elder Gods since we know Seren isn't going to let him just waltz in there and claim their power. I do like that she doesn't seem overly bothered about us either.[/hide]
  13. Since nobody has posted this yet, thought I'd get the ball rolling. Are many people from TIF planning on going this year?
  14. Jagex once again proving they're masters of balancing content.
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