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  1. Veiva


    I'll stick to the Java client until they delete it. Btw, I'm over a decade older than your toaster. #RemoveSilverhawkBootsFromRS #RSOF wow r u bragging ur older than my toaster
  2. Veiva


    my 27 year old toaster can play nxt
  3. Veiva


    So the four ppl here? Unless you are a bot, which I wouldn't be surprised since you seem to be into that programming stuff. CS STUFF IS GROSS. Years ago in college, my Differential Equations professor forced me to write some program for the Newton-Rhapson Method, if I recall, and it was the most pointless thing I've ever done. Math is more fun when done by hand, rather than on some stupid computer. #RemoveSilverhawkBootsFromRS #RSOF when I posted it was just you and me moron learn to exist in the same temporal plane as mortals
  4. Veiva


    yeah most humans are idiots the two who've posted on this last page are for example
  5. Veiva


    well I'M the FIRST to 200,000,001 XP on a SINGLE account THANK YOU VERY MUCH wait which game are we talking about
  6. Veiva


    I got 200m Agility when I was 29 years old. I got 200m Fletch & Thieve at 30. Is that supposed to be a brag? lol
  7. Veiva


    I got 99 agility from Silverhawk Boots while killing Tormented Demons. Also I could kill upwards of 250 Tormented Demons per hour via tribridding /years ago/. That's like infinitely times more difficult than getting 200m agility XP. Killing Tormented Demons involves skill, agility training the dumbest bots can do.
  8. Veiva


    Life is pretty awesome, I'm thinking about all the good stuff that's happened in the last year or two... It's a lot. A lot of firsts, a lot of spontaneous things, a lot of things I'd never have imagined I'd be able to do. I've got to remember this moment, this kind of thinking, so even when things get tough I remember how far I've come. [hide] 2017 January - Started School, started new job at Staples February - Learner's permit, went to a bar March - driving lessons, ItsyRealm began April - driver's license, car, ECGC/first trip to Raleigh, began dating May - redacted June - internship July - Carowinds August - got drunk, came out as non-binary September - first software developer job October - Florence + The Machine concert, went to first Halloween party November - Washington, DC, Los Campesinos! December - 1 year at Staples (technically) 2018 January - Beard, quit Staples, 1 year at school February - Went to Orlando, FL, Universal + Islands of Adventure, saw grandparents after 16+ years, paid off car March - 1 year ItsyRealm, Muse concert, went to Atlanta, became vegetarian April - redacted May - Six Flags, finished ItsyRealm demo June - Move to Charlotte July - new job [/hide] Some of the things are seemingly so small, some of them are embarrassing (hence redacted), but they're all totally new things that have led to me being where I am today.
  9. Veiva


    I got the sweet programming job in Charlotte. Just waiting to pass the background check & drug test to sign off on the offer. Unrelated, I made the bad joke "C is for communism" (as in Celsius) and it led to this poster: [hide][/hide] Going to make it more detailed like this older one I did: [hide][/hide]
  10. Veiva


    I have an interview with a company in Charlotte, NC (on the border of NC/SC, about 2.5 hours away from Fayetteville) for an programming position. Currently I'm manic (in the sense I'm extremely confident, hyper-motivated, and extremely creative; not the manic depressed kind), so I'm hoping I stay in this state for the interview. If I get this things are gonna go great.
  11. Veiva


    My game's demo is done. Wow. Over 400 days and thousands of hours of effort resulting in a complete, self-contained game inside a (hopefully-to-be) much larger thing. The journey's not over but I'm going to take this as a big victory.
  12. Veiva


    I went to the Advisory Committee for the computer departments at my school today. There were only a few other people (all alumni) invited. The dean and chairpeople of the three major computer-related departments were there. I was able to give some feedback on how I think the curriculum could improve. I thought that was pretty cool. ... Also the demo for my game is fundamentally done. I just need to add some post-quest dialogue and a settings screen. Also music but that's a difficult one. Gotta form an LLC and get a extended verification code signing certificate. Going to cost upwards of $500-600 if I understand everything correctly. Then it's time to approach publishers & all that jazz.
  13. Like I said in the Discord (albeit more colorfully), I only mentioned who it was to show it was a girl (one of so many) who said I looked gay. And never did I beg or even ask for Major Vezon's advice. I was genuinely asking for advice on why I look gay.
  14. Veiva


    I added the Isabelle boss fight. She rezzes some skeletons at the beginning of the fight. There's one corresponding to each combat style, and so long as it is alive, she can't be damaged by that combat style. She then does a few regular attacks before using a power. For example, if she's using the zweihander, she'll use Tornado which deals damage in an AOE and hits the target twice. She then does a couple more regular attacks before switching combat styles and repeating the cycle. On the boss HUD it shows which styles she's immune to. There's going to be some dialog before you fight her, too, but I haven't added that.
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