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  1. Aeon_


    Am I not seeing something you guys are? :ohnoes:
  2. Aeon_


    Anyone remember me? Back at my parents for Christmas, heard the minecraft soundtrack today and got nostalgic for here, specifically the Minecraft thread that introduced me to the game, which I didn't think was a big deal at the time until it blew up in the following years. Hope you're all well!
  3. I remember joining this forum and spending all the time I wasn't playing the game browsing through the forums (always had a tab open) or taking part in the forum games - anyone remember Hegemony in the OT forum? Me and my brother Sam used to make forum signatures, some of which I still see on a couple of users; LinkZelda has the Arctic Monkeys one I made when I was like 11 and I wanna say Sam has a couple people still using his signatures. I posted for advice when I first started learning bass guitar, before transitioning to guitar, which led me to go to university to study music. Every time I come back to Runescape I always remember the great times I had here, and come back to the forums to check if it's still alive, and it's clinging on, just about. As others have said, despite being in many ways an inferior format, Reddit is king, which is a real shame. Hopefully someday soon we see a resurgence in independent forums. Love you all, I'll probably be back soon, but I want those that read to know that you've shaped me as a person, in a purely positive way.
  4. Hi there. After quitting Runescape back in early 2012 I'm completely out of touch with the new combat system; the ability bar seems like a really good resource, but I'm not sure how to utilise it to its full potential. This is mostly about melee, of which my skills are all 75+. Also, I'm trying to back into the game via dungeoneering, and I'd like to know the most efficient way of doing so. I know about the prestige system and how it works, but I'd like to know how to maximise my experience. One final thing: I'm thinking of getting back into it, and might do in my free time. If anyone could summarise the major changes in the last 2-3 years, it would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPoACkjZaLk&feature=relmfu Despite going on 70, he is a classy man.
  6. I find it hilarious when you see arguments that span about 50 comments. You often find that there's one person dismantling the other's comments with ease, whilst the other just cusses at them. Then there's other arguments that make you sigh. I have talked to some alright people on youtube though. I find the meme, I have no idea what its called, but the guy in the club having an epiphany one, hilarious. Horrible, stale crisps. I like the taste but not the texture.
  7. Its the same with my Trojan Horse. Had him for 12 months, somehow.
  8. Wow, I left this for almost a year. My bricks are up to 30.4%, all items are past +30 and somehow my hero didn't die the entire time I forgot to check, which the game tells me is over 300 days. o.O
  9. It basically means I can imagine you playing James Bond. :P
  10. This is very annoying. Popcorn is the main offender for me. Sometimes its hard to tell which teeth its even stuck in. I don't eat apples because of this! What annoys me with apples is when I bite a bit too deep and it pushes on my gums. :(
  11. Noxx, for some reason I can imagine you being the protagonist of a spy/action movie. :blink:
  12. Same! I found a massive ravine in the middle of this huge abandoned mineshaft. It's mind blowing. On that note, on the very same world, sheep seem to be extinct. It's rather irritating, as about 20 minecraft days in and we still have 1 bed. ¬_¬
  13. Played B2 with my friend yesterday. Makes me wish I had the money and a working disk reader again. :/
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