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  1. It's been a while, I'm surprised this thread has been active for so many years. I suppose it annoys me that some of my older posts have such an eccentric, difficult to read tone. It's a shame, because I would have loved to have had a mentor figure in my life that would have been an older and wiser and more mature version of myself so I wouldn't have had to go through that phase. I've experienced this before, but experiencing this again feels weird. Does anyone else look back at some of their older conversations and think the same?
  2. There's not a thing wrong with judging people objectively. I don't see why we must be so emotional about it. Or do you mean judgmental in a different way?
  3. I think my INT preferences are about 80%+, but my J preference is only 1% or so. I've always been compelled to do both - understand sufficiently, then use said knowledge in an applicable manner (or in other words, to do). It's odd, I've never truly figured out where I stand with that... both remarkably similar by an external observer.
  4. I usually would disagree with how we define things, but that sounds about right. I've lost part of my pedantic-ness D:
  5. Explanation - * Plenty of people mistype as INTJs (it's just an exaggerated introvert) * INTJs tend to band around eachother on the internet anyway, with a personality type that makes them a little more MBTI aware than others
  6. This article changed my perspective on cooking altogether. Just then, everything clicked - I suddenly understood why your typical roast turkey is dry and tasteless (unless under a sea of gravy). I understood why stews are so delicious, and how come pork chops always were too tough for me to enjoy. It's not like I never knew about internal temperature and its effects on food... it just suddenly became something I grasped. EDIT - I can finally do the goddamn url. That was fun.
  7. I secretly have a weakness for chick flicks/romantic comedies. Specifically, FWB. ... is that bad?
  8. Assume Nothing


    If you need help with the cooking stuff, you can always message me. Or ask in /r/AskCulinary, where I usually hang. Oh, and today's one of my first posts in months. I've *really* disconnected with this group, but I am considering rejoining RS again. Or maybe not.
  9. I figure most people confuse realism with pessimism. I'm closer on the realist end of the scale where I wouldn't trust the hopefuls and expect failure/hardships/negativity, but I wouldn't be *consumed* by it. I think when most people imagine realism/pessimism, they put themselves into a fairly depressive state of doubt... which is pretty unhealthy. Or at least, that's the way it's always seemed to me. As far as things that annoy me go... have we mentioned how telling someone they're black isn't racism yet?
  10. I've always been INTJ, which tends to describe me well - always inside own head having full-on debates, emotionally unavailable with the exception of those closest to me, near immunity to personal criticism, to the famed death-glare that we tend to have, etc. I figure this is the one that most exaggerates introvert features too, so a lot of people happen to mistype as this. EDIT - someone asked what MBTI was. MBTI refers to 'Myer Briggs Type Indicator', which has 16 groups you could belong to - based loosely on Carl Jung's work on personality/temperament. The 4character code you're given stands for Intraversion/Extraversion - iNtuition/Sensing - Thinking/Feeling - Perceiving/Judging, focusing on how you internalize the external world and your social preferences (e.g. intraverts feel energized with alone-time, extraverts feel the opposite). I could go into more depth, but would probably end up taking up a large post. Feel free to read 'Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types' for more on this.
  11. Hah. By my definitions, I consider optimism inherently blind. I don't quite follow how cynicism -> maturity, care to explain?
  12. Damn, I missed my chance at the new thread. If believing that immigrants on the whole often have skill mismatches is considered racist, then I really don't know what isn't. EDIT @Alg - it's funny how a touch of cynicism is more in touch with reality than blind optimism, though.
  13. If you took a moment to consider the whys, there's usually a reason for ethnic minorities being under-represented (or, what's perceived as under-represented) in the workforce. If we simplified hiring criterion to just two things - skill competency and ability to work with people, then we can reasonably argue that these criterion are based on cultural/environmental upbringing, the level of education acquired, and personality types. They all have some fairly direct relationship with employee demographics - e.g. if the immigrant culture is known to not be very competent at communication and lacks the correct skills to perform the job, it logically follows that there would be fewer immigrants working for firms like JaGex. Oh, and the all-whites thing? It's not true - they just don't appear on cam so often, but they are there. I'm not even sure why I'm writing this because as everyone else is saying, it's not worth being concerned over this. If it was about employment as a whole refusing to take on ethnic minorities on that basis alone, then that's worth discussing.
  14. Ponder life. Relax. Enter a realm of mental and physical harmony. Become one with thy self. Get really, really clean. Seek pleasure. Take your pick.
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