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  2. People think it just adds the lore that was available on the forums a while back EDIT: PSA The deaths in the event are NOT safe for HCIM
  3. I know how to party hard, ladies. Was my birthday yesterday, so went out for a "few drinks" and it got kinda weird [hide] [/hide]
  4. Happy birthday :)

  5. The limit has apparently changed to 1000 or 10,000, going by the subreddit
  6. They said that they were keeping it as a Master level quest because they want the finale to be a Grandmaster
  7. As much as people are bummed out that the quest was pushed back, I'm actually happy they've taken the time to realise themselves that the content isn't up to the standard they want for the players. Wonder if they'll put in all the puns that Mod Raven wanted to
  8. My lil bro bought a t shirt. It doesn't fit him. It is mine now.
  9. So I graduated from University last week, finally getting the pictures up. And then some more to add to your gallery of me (I'm looking at you witchy) [hide] [/hide]
  10. I saw it as soon as they posted it on the rs mainpage. I've invested so much, rip nox weps
  11. After 120 thieving last weekend, I've just been fooling about. Remembered I had a greaters task from about 7 months back and decided to kril bill 129 Kril kills since the boss counter update It's the lucky hat, I swear
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