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  1. it'd be about as much of an achievement as beating a legless man in the 100m
  2. i grow less shit loot tab was pretty decent by the end of whateverlevelistartedthis-99
  3. I'm looking for the Shark head and Shark feet. I have the Burnt shark body and Tiger shark feet. Post here or PM me!
  4. http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dota2.gamepedia.com/3/36/Tech_spawn_02.mp3
  5. Did some craft with enlightenment also grinded the shit out of cons for a few hours, enough exp away from 99 to finish it off with god statues on saturday :)
  6. clown9 actually won stuff today then again, they were against navi soooooo
  7. wanna join mush?? another one down got construction banked and making decent progress on hunter ITS TIME TO GRIND
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