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  1. Indeed you do make an excellent point in your first paragraph. How do you know this for a fact? Are they actually employed by Jagex staff who run Runescape? Also, why wouldn't they want to have any ethnic minority workers on the BTS? Admittedly, if as you claim there are only a few, then there won't be many videos which is fine, but even one or two would surely be better than none, as Jagex cycles through its employees to discuss latest updates. But your second paragraph is misled, as the number of ethnic minority people living in London are disproportionate to the demographic of the rest of the UK. I also take engineering in the UK, and the computer scientists also have vast numbers of ethnic minorities, many of whom are not international students. The graduates are most certainly available.
  2. I don't remember anything :/
  3. I made that thread in the forum and it was closed by a pmod who wrote: Quick find code: 285-286-393-64371896 I can't see a single ethnic minority person in any video (I haven't seen them all so I might be wrong). But even so, why aren't there more ethnic minority people employed by Jagex because surely they must get many applicants from all backgrounds (and for job applciations in the UK you are required to provide your ethnicity (as far as I am aware). This is NOT a thread about positive discrimination. It is really a question on are there just not enough ethnic minority people capable in programming applying for Jagex or is there really indeed some form of institutional racism going on? What do you guys think? Please keep this civil and for heavens sake, any mod, just don't close it. This is a genuine question and I think it is a question that should be asked because I for one do find it amazing, having lived in London, that very few or indeed no one of ethnic minority is employed by Jagex?
  4. Ok, but then how come when we ask other mods explicitly they don't answer us.
  5. Is it confirmed that the update will only apply to recent bans and not old bans? What is classified as a new ban? Additionally, people keep saying Mod Poppy said this but I can't find it anywhere and also, Mod Poppy has nothing to do with this update, she in a customer relations role.
  6. -Ok mate, firstly, you can't know if you have the longest ban. Maybe you do, but come on, many people out there will not reveal the length of their own ban etc but I understand where yuou are coming from. Its interesting you say it'll take two weeks in the account review thread or the buying banned accounts? I should also add that Jagex don't unban anyone with RWT in that thread either.
  7. Apparently it's only cheaters that need to be concerned. Throwing RWT rares and riches back into the mix that have been banned from game doesn't concern any of us unless we're the ones buying/selling the items IRL. Amusing. QFC: 129-130-874-62301629 Fake girl has this to add. With all due respect who gives a [cabbage] what they think and what they do. People are making out that just because they haven't got banned accounts that they are perfect. Lets get ONE thing straight. People make mistakes. Are you saying no one has said they forgiven you in your entire life span for doing something wrong at any point? The same prinicple applies here and iif people are genuinely sorry, then by all means they should get a second chance.
  8. This is only for accounts that used a macro. Jagex are already doing this so its effectively doing it for already banned accounts. I'm not sure whether they will unban RWT accounts though and how this will affect people with those bans.
  9. I remember a few of those names and why they are famous.
  10. There are so many flawed arguments out there. How is it not right to give people a second chance. Your basically claiming that you are the perfect player who never makes a single mistake. No one is perfect. This system is not going to suddenly unban players who broke the more serious rules. It will remove blackmarks from plays who broke petty rules and thus they do deserve a second chance. I can't believe the arrogance of some players who are against this system. When people break the law in real life, they go to prison, serve their punishment and are then released. The more serious rule breakers stay locked up for a longer amount of time, even up to life. But those that broke petty rules will be released once more. I like to think that in a game, people do learn from their mistakes as they mature more. I am astonished that a small band of players think that just because you have a blackmark, it means that you should be almost like an "outcast" for the rest of your gaming career. It's almost as if some players believe that because they are good, they deserve to be rewarded and they have the moral high ground over those minor rule breakers. I disagree with that. I think everyone deserves a second chance. No one has the right to say other players don't have that right.
  11. I think this update will only serve to benefit the majority of players.
  12. There are many standards that the acid 3 test does not look for.
  13. your not breaking the rules using adblock. Thats like saying your breaking the rules usuing Symantec Internet Security and using that to block scripts etc...
  14. msn plus comes with spyware, dont get it
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