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  1. Hello, im writing an article about the new "Missing My Mummy" quest, basically i need help, what are the cons and pros of the update, what are the rewards, is the quest worth doing, does this effect runescape in any major way etc... basically give me your review, thanks!
  2. RuneVault.Net we offer runescape help, a freindly runescape forum, runescape blog hosting, and we offer a special feature which allows you to create and manage a runescape clan, with this you can have your very own private clan forum, assign ranks, post clan news, and remove/add members, plus more... take a look, runevault.net/clans, you must register on the forum to create a clan.
  3. same here, im still waiting for my appeal. has anyone got unbanned from real world item trading, my friend might play again if he gets his account back.
  4. Great to see all the positive feedback, Ive pmed your administrator to let him know, It would be cool if we could make this an event type deal.
  5. Jagex has recently posted a thread stating that they will review permanently banned runescape accounts and decide if they should have a second chance or not. If your runescape account is permanently banned, Head over to the runescape forums, and quick find this thread (103-104-3-58567982) Quote From Jagex Account Review Thread Hi guys, Once more we are opening this thread to allow our players the chance to post the name of a permanently banned/muted account, which we will then review. Well go over these accounts with a fine comb and well see what we can do to get these accounts back into the game. There are a few guidelines to this thread that wed very much like you to follow. Important note Due to the harmful nature of the following offences, accounts that have been banned because of these offences will not be returning to game. * No account banned for Hijacking will be unbanned. * No account banned for Bug Abuse will be unbanned. Please be aware that you can still create a new account and enjoy the game on that, without the stigma of these offences on the account. 1. Please only post the name of your account. Theres no need to explain the circumstances surrounding your account. Were going to review every account in as much detail as we humanly can. 2. Please dont post if your account is not permenantly banned/muted. I know it may be annoying to have accounts with a few black marks, but as long as you follow the rules, you can play these accounts without hindrance. Ideally only post on this thread if your account is permanently banned/muted. 3. Please feel free to post about other peoples accounts if theres no alternative. Its great that you want to help out your friends, but it can get really confusing if we see the same name a lot of times. Encourage your friend to post here themselves and well do what we can. If your friend has no way of posting on this thread, then you may post their name. Please dont post a name that has already been posted by someone else, though. Rather than speeding things up for your friend, it actually slows us down a little bit. ;) 4. Please be patient. It can take time to review these accounts, quite a lot of time actually, so please be patient for a response. We will get to everyone eventually. 5. Please only post a maximum of 5 names at a time. Sometimes weve had people post 100+ accounts, which means that we simply cant devote the time we need to review each one. Well be able to review the 5 accounts much faster and you can repost the other accounts after the first 5 have been reviewed. 6. Make sure youve appealed your offences first.Theres no need to use this thread until your normal appeals have run out. A direct appeal is likely to be looked at faster. :) I hope this helps. :) = Raven = Frequently Asked Questions Why are my posts being hidden? Posts are hidden so that we know which accounts have been added to our review list. No need to worry if your post has been hidden, it means that we have read it and will be reviewing it. :) Will I get a messagE if my review has been denied? Yes. However the review pans out, once we have reviewed it, you will receive a message. Where will I receive a response about my account? We will send an inbox message to the reviewed account. We are unable to disclose any information about another account on this thread. Ive not heard a response yet, when will I? Patience young padawan, the review process takes time. Well review it as fast as possible, but please be patient. All reviewed accounts will have an inbox message. If you have no message then your account is being reviewed, please dont post it again. ;) We realise that some accounts posted before have yet to be reviewed, however, please be aware that some accounts will take longer to review. Were not ignoring them though, were working through them now - guide taken from runevault.net
  6. Just thought id let everyone know that the first runescape Tv channel will be released this Saturday. (its not an actually tv channel, but it is like one, except for online.) You can watch runescape shows, movies, and live feeds from players screen.s If your interested in watching it, just message me, i dont want to get in trouble for posting a link. =) or you can just click on the signature below.
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