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  1. Preparing for 99 Smithy :), First I have to get 14m + 15m fishy.
  2. Tbh, yes. RWT: I have never done this but it seems like a good way to make a little bit of money in RL. Lets say buy some gp in rs for $50 and sell it for $60. But I highly doubt I would try to do something like this. Bug Abuse: Tbh, this interests me a lot. Not, for big benefits, just for lols. Yet, i dont have enough brains for this so :) The rest dont tempt me at all :)
  3. She requested herself to be out of the list, along with Mauranius. You guys know that Tezaki has had p2p before right? I dont have any proof atm, but I know some of my friends have Tez added and has seen her in p2p worlds.
  4. @Med, Ty :) @Sibz, It was fun, sad to hear you break your lvl 3 acc. I have been really busy in real life, so i only been merching and doing a little bit of woodcutting. Which got me 16,000,000 WC EXP! I now am going to finish up the exp to 14m fish exp :)
  5. Hai, Havent checked this in a while. Congratulation on 94 Woodcutting! Yews are so boring with these bots, maybe you could live it up.
  6. Its seems like jagex has made a new decision to allow players who had their accounts banned to be able to buy it back. You can find this here. Scroll down a little bit and look for the title "Banned Account Reinstatement".
  7. @Sir Sibz, Thanks. @cjmftw13, thanks. @Siryyr, Thanks, and maybe :) Welll...havent played much like always. I failed to get my goal to 14mil fishing exp by Feb 1. I willl get that later as I am participating in a wc skill comp. I wont win though as I am doing yews and they are doing willows. You can view it here. Here is a pic of my stats as of Feb 1 will be using it to compare with March 1.
  8. Dont worry. They will be designing a portal just north of fally which teles you to clan wars and fog. Congratz. Only one more level till 99 Pray!
  9. Yes. You can still receive the coins from the tasks talking to Rodrick like the Lumby Tasks.
  10. Aow is Archive of Wisdom. You can access these forums over here. Btw, you should also get approval from the owner of the guide.
  11. Well...I was looking at the F2P List and seeing if anyone needs to be removed. The following people have p2p stats ranked: Ledgend_Noob Colin_117 The following people have been banned: Crime Essam Death 7178
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