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  1. Thanks! :) Just so you guys know - I'm not dead. lol I've been busy with school and now that I'm on spring break, I'm traveling with friends. I've also found a new addiction - Minecraft, so for the time being I'm taking a break from RuneScape. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and has a blast for their spring breaks too. :P Until later, guys. :)
  2. Thx! <3: <3: March 10th, 2011: And I got 99 WC! :D Thanks to those who came - Helly and Grade! <3: I'm very happy to finally get it! :) I'm now going to prepare for the bonus xp weekend, so I'll be updating my blog later... I will include a list of all of the logs I've gathered and the bird nest drops as well from WC 1-99 and show a bunch of interesting things related to. Until then - here's some pics! :D
  3. Haven't checked your blog in a while :3 but very nice progress! :D I like how you indicated the difference of total level, bank worth, etc. Grats! :D
  4. I haven't checked your blog in a while. :D omg you've made a lot of progress! :o Grats on 60 attack! (Dragon weaposn ftw!!) and 1000 skill total is uber ftw! :thumbsup:
  5. March 8th, 2011: With only 218k xp away, I think I'll be getting 99 Woodcutting TOMORROW! :D YAY!! So, if anyone is on tomorrow night and would like to see magic happen at the ivy on the southern walls of Castlewars in world 99, that's where I'll be. Also, I'm preparing for the bonus weekend with firemaking. I got my firemaking level up to 68 in the last 2-3 days. If I manage to get my fm level up to 75 for magic logs, I could possibly get 1.8m fm xp in the first two hours... looking forward to that. lol :) So recap: 99 Woodcutting tomorrow, World 99, Southern ivy walls at Castlewars, around night-time (I'm at CST). All invited. :) Edit: Promised that I'd wait for a friend to be on before I got it, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow. :P
  6. Hehe don't worry guys, I'm feeling better now. :shades: :thumbup: March 5th, 2011: Feeling better... still stuffy. But anyways, I updated my 'Monthly Stats' section as well as my 'Progress Journal'. Sadly, not much progress in-game, but I'm still hoping for a "boom" in my stats for either this month or the next; however, it's going to be a busy month for school and then there's Spring break. Just going to have to see how things turn out. :P
  7. March 1st, 2011: Just a heads-up, I've come down with something again and so I won't be on RuneScape for a while.
  8. February 28th, 2011: Well, although I planned to have 99 WC by now, I also knew that it would have been hard to reach it with as much going on right now. (Being in college and the social life that follows eats up a lot of free time.) I'm currently only 900k away from 99 WC, however, so I should reach it by early March. :shades: March also means Spring break! :mrgreen: So my prospect for March would have to be 99 WC, starting of all other skills including Firemaking - I do have plenty of logs that I can burn still; I haven't bought the large amounts of maple logs - and overall a good time. I hope to talk to you guys some more in-game, and I hope you're enjoying yourselves. :shades:
  9. 98 Woodcutting!! :D 1.2m xp to go! <3: I will update my blog later. ;) [spoiler=98 Woodcutting]
  10. Yeaaaaaah! :ohnoes: Managed to get a decent amount of xp last night and am now 1.7m away from 99. (Was 2.1m away) Thanks! :D
  11. yes, and I have several bird eggs that I will show in a bank pic after 99 WC. If there's a party, you're already invited. :D thanks! :)
  12. FTW! :D [spoiler=97 Woodcutting] Also, my latest and greatest Best of Bank picture: [spoiler=Click here! :)] Edit: Forgot to add the 455k coins in my bank in that pic! :o
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