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  1. Just a note: I will be going away at the end of this week till June, so I won't have the time to update/internet access for that period of time. LordJake has agreed to update during my absence. I will however, be removing the date from the 1st post so as not to confuse people. Aura Happy Training
  2. Updated :) Added: Bond4evr (rank 244) Removed: - Aura Min level: 1320
  3. Updated :) Added: Avdb656 J4kub Sulphite T_Board Truusemuus Eminem777 Lord Milan22 Markhelv Soft Cods Removed: Zinovi (Thank you for posting) Domoralizer I am sorry for the delay in updating. I want to say thank very much! to everyone who helped me check people's xp, as well as those people that pmed me (I am sorry I did not get back to you, however I do appreciate it very much!) I went through all the posts and tried to make sure I got everything, please feel free to point out anything I missed. I'm not really sure why the underscores are appearing, but I will go through later today and manually remove them. Aura Min level: 1319
  4. Hi guys, I am writing to let you know that I am still alive. :) I thought that I would have a lull in my workload to tackle on the project of weeding out the f2p list. But for some reason or other, it did not happen and it seems to have increased instead. I will update as soon as I have time to go through all the posts and messages. I really appreciate all the work that people have done thus far. Aura
  5. The previous Top ### List thread was stickied for a time but got locked due to the amount of spam. I started this one after and did not think it needs to get stickied since it gets bumped up regularly enough. Aura
  6. Updated :) Add: - Removed: Regi166 Venomous76 Fast399 (Rank 993) I would like to do a spot check on all the current f2pers to make sure that their xp is only in the f2p skills. Anyone who has a little free and wants to help, please pm me and I will give you a list of names to check (include in the msg the number of names you are willing to do). This is basically just adding up all of the skill xps and making sure that it matches up with the total xp, which can be done easily in excel. Please do not feel any pressure to volunteer, if no one does, I will do this in the summer after exams and reports are over. :D Aura Min level: 1315
  7. Updated :) Added: Shundrie (rank 241) Lordmarto1 (rank 194) Removed: - Min level: 1315 Aura
  8. Updated :) Added: Busyballer33 (Rank 247) Removed: - Aura Min level: 1313
  9. Updated :) Added: Zinovi (Rank 258) Snowy Gel (Rank 172) Removed: - The list was "offline" because the tip.it forums were down and I could not update without knowing if there were any new names to be added. Sorry about concerns that you may have had :P. Aura Min level: 1313
  10. Updated :) Added: Sam8581 (Rank 235) Dylan13160 (Rank 246) Lakedude0 (Rank 247) P33t33 (Rank 244) Djbeat007 (Rank 252) Loveisevol (Rank 256) Removed: Ko Dons Aura Min level: 1310
  11. Updated :) Added: - Removed: Tex 1 Coldcol Lpsit1 Aura Min level: 1308
  12. Updated :) Added: - Removed: Bug Slayer4 Sjef Fisker2 Aura Min level: 1308
  13. Updated :) Added: Fast993 (Rank 274) Mrs Winsor (Rank 235) Removed: Pnoi To12 Raekvon5 Gin Duzi is already on the list. Aura Min level: 1308
  14. Updated :) Added: Speedyhond43 (Rank 301) Sweihuey2 (Rank 271) Removed: - Aura Min level: 1304
  15. Updated :) Added: Shadow220391 Krekeris007 Sam8581 Sojournor Sach86 Busyballer33 Removed: Belker Aura Happy Holidays :) Min level: 1302
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