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  1. Just a note: I will be going away at the end of this week till June, so I won't have the time to update/internet access for that period of time. LordJake has agreed to update during my absence. I will however, be removing the date from the 1st post so as not to confuse people. Aura Happy Training
  2. Updated :) Added: Bond4evr (rank 244) Removed: - Aura Min level: 1320
  3. Updated :) Added: Avdb656 J4kub Sulphite T_Board Truusemuus Eminem777 Lord Milan22 Markhelv Soft Cods Removed: Zinovi (Thank you for posting) Domoralizer I am sorry for the delay in updating. I want to say thank very much! to everyone who helped me check people's xp, as well as those people that pmed me (I am sorry I did not get back to you, however I do appreciate it very much!) I went through all the posts and tried to make sure I got everything, please feel free to point out anything I missed. I'm not really sure why the underscores are appearing, but I will go through later today and manually remove them. Aura Min level: 1319
  4. Hi guys, I am writing to let you know that I am still alive. :) I thought that I would have a lull in my workload to tackle on the project of weeding out the f2p list. But for some reason or other, it did not happen and it seems to have increased instead. I will update as soon as I have time to go through all the posts and messages. I really appreciate all the work that people have done thus far. Aura
  5. The previous Top ### List thread was stickied for a time but got locked due to the amount of spam. I started this one after and did not think it needs to get stickied since it gets bumped up regularly enough. Aura
  6. Updated :) Add: - Removed: Regi166 Venomous76 Fast399 (Rank 993) I would like to do a spot check on all the current f2pers to make sure that their xp is only in the f2p skills. Anyone who has a little free and wants to help, please pm me and I will give you a list of names to check (include in the msg the number of names you are willing to do). This is basically just adding up all of the skill xps and making sure that it matches up with the total xp, which can be done easily in excel. Please do not feel any pressure to volunteer, if no one does, I will do this in the summer after exams and reports are over. :D Aura Min level: 1315
  7. Updated :) Added: Shundrie (rank 241) Lordmarto1 (rank 194) Removed: - Min level: 1315 Aura
  8. Updated :) Added: Busyballer33 (Rank 247) Removed: - Aura Min level: 1313
  9. Updated :) Added: Zinovi (Rank 258) Snowy Gel (Rank 172) Removed: - The list was "offline" because the tip.it forums were down and I could not update without knowing if there were any new names to be added. Sorry about concerns that you may have had :P. Aura Min level: 1313
  10. Updated :) Added: Sam8581 (Rank 235) Dylan13160 (Rank 246) Lakedude0 (Rank 247) P33t33 (Rank 244) Djbeat007 (Rank 252) Loveisevol (Rank 256) Removed: Ko Dons Aura Min level: 1310
  11. Updated :) Added: - Removed: Tex 1 Coldcol Lpsit1 Aura Min level: 1308
  12. Updated :) Added: - Removed: Bug Slayer4 Sjef Fisker2 Aura Min level: 1308
  13. Updated :) Added: Fast993 (Rank 274) Mrs Winsor (Rank 235) Removed: Pnoi To12 Raekvon5 Gin Duzi is already on the list. Aura Min level: 1308
  14. Updated :) Added: Speedyhond43 (Rank 301) Sweihuey2 (Rank 271) Removed: - Aura Min level: 1304
  15. Updated :) Added: Shadow220391 Krekeris007 Sam8581 Sojournor Sach86 Busyballer33 Removed: Belker Aura Happy Holidays :) Min level: 1302
  16. Updated :) Removed: Shauny_309 Added: - Aura
  17. Updated :) Added: Shauny_309 Alexern Pzs Purbida Expert1212 Larlesiennex Archevil22 Kameeru Scizor696 Justasmile Beachee Huldarych Jhns455 Doolodes Afghanisthan Pyro br666 Bug Slayer4 Simoriah421 Farmerdon Bobpat5 Lpsit1 Rs89 Tightboy454 Familyofwe3 Yomamaisugly Sir Tardalot Ragner lnor Hrick90 Kt8094 Lerua85 Sjef Fisker2 Mister Trixx Koiti396 Mrg21793 Mikeyb00100 Belker Armeng90 Redemptor2 Jzk 6661 Sergius2005 P33t33 Thunderex 09 Poland999999 Cravenhawk Short Man1 Bobwithagot2 Pureplat90 Shin Te Azn552 Wakemaker0 Sue502 Shundrie Monu1001 Ko Dons Busyballer33 Anjelikka Domestobot Removed: Bustercall77 Sorry for the long wait in between updates, I've been under siege with work lately. I really appreciate that no one complained and demanded updates . I went through and tried to make sure I got all the names, but if I missed any, I apologize in advance, my brain is still a bit numb. Please repost it again. I have also sent in the name change request to runehead, so it should be officially Top 250 sometime this week. Aura Min level: 1298 Note: Adding you does not mean that you actually made the list, it just means that your level was checked.
  18. Updated :) Added: Setelima Chrysillia Kidatheartd Histamiini Shaazaam Pieter012345 Gustarx Removed: - Just for some clarification about my last comment, I did not mean for this list to be a permanent top 250. I wanted to extend it just for one update so that people who are trying to get onto the list can see where they would fall in and also as an encouragement to those people. I reread what I wrote and it did seem to be saying that I would be changing the list permanently. Im still however, not totally sure about keeping this change. I will try to decide by the next update :) Aura
  19. Updated :) Added: Lady Loxley1 (Rank 141) Toto Li (Rank 211) Removed: - I'm not really sure about the banner size, the one on the old list is 867x153, somewhat random numbers. If needed I can just edit that with info since anything more technical is beyond my abilities :oops: Just to mix it up a little and to help those people that are stuck in limbo and don't know where they are, for the next update I will extend the list to 250, so if anyone wants their name added please message me or post here. I will most likely update sometime during the weekend (unless it was like this past weekend where there was no internet in my building). So, Good Luck and Happy Training! :D Aura Min level: 1312
  20. Updated :) Added: - Removed: Xxgenesisxx0 Gradeskip93, are you sure that you are looking at the right list? I was unable to update this summer so LordJake took care of the list. But, something happened with tip.it and a month or two's data got lost and so did the password that I sent him. So he started a new one and we decided to keep the old one for fun so people can compare stats. I'm sorry that it didn't occur to me that people would become confused. So I changed the website link on the older list and sent in a banner change request to make sure that it's clear that the older list won't be updated anymore. Also, if anyone has any ideas for a banner for the current list, feel free to send them to me. Otherwise, I'll just stick the old one on. In regards to my spam comment, my main concern is conversations between people that really don't have anything to do with the list itself. I'm sorry that I'm the "party pooper" if you will, its just that there was a previous incident where the topf2p thread was closed due to spam and also a time when a tip.it mod went through, deleted comments, and gave warnings. I'm not saying that you shouldn't post, but, I just don't want it to get way out of hand, which is why I chime in every once in a while about spam. I'm not singling anyone out with my comment, so please don't feel offended. I hope I covered everything. :) Aura Min level: 1311
  21. Updated :) Added: Absu Kingu Removed: - Aura Min level: 1311 Please try not to spam topic, we've gotten warnings before so I'd rather not have this topic deleted. :( Happy Training!
  22. Updated :) Added: - Removed: Poseidon0001 Aura Min level: 1310
  23. Updated :) Added: Home145 Removed: - Aura
  24. Hi everyone, I have officially returned. I can see everyone has been training really really hard since I've been gone. :thumbsup: I have just updated the list with the current list of names, which Lordjake sent me earlier. Please let me know if anyone's name dropped off/disappeared. Also, LordJake and I agreed to keep his current list and use the old one as a record of sorts. We will also both be updating. So, you'll not only be getting one, but two updates a week. :D And once again thank you lordjake for keeping the list alive. Happy Training! Aura Min level: 1310
  25. Updated :) Added: Varken9 Druzus Removed: - If you checked in the past couple hours, I re-updated as the first time I did it, I was half awake and forgot to check if there were people to be added. As of right now there is no fool proof way of checking for nonmembers, mainly just adding up the levels and xp to make sure everything matches up. And yes, shakewood was originally on the list but was removed since his level wasn't high enough to stay on. The top f2pers list is focused on solely on skill total. It would be too hard to be consistent/pointless if people were added just for an individual stat. Aura Happy Holidays :)
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