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  1. You have 95% chance of getting araxxor opposite the style of your weapon in an instance. You now also have a 95% chance of getting araxxor opposite the style you are using if you are carrying pheromone and not in an instance. As far as i've heard, pheromone is consumable per resetting rage, but not starting and forcing styles. Ohhh ok thanks I wasn't sure how that worked. Actually that's not too bad then.
  2. Using/buying an instance for araxxor are we now able to have the option to pick what style we want? If not, I'm done with that place....Shame I sold my Nox staff! I feel if we pay to kill it we should at least be able to pick what style we want.
  3. If people can do it with bad RNG and lower gear, it's possible to do. Whether or not it's possible for you to do is another matter. Don't claim it can't be done because you can't do it alone. Wow! Really? Not once did I say it can't be done I was asking for tips/help..... but thanks! Thank you Urza! I will give it a try, appreciate the help! :)
  4. Gawd, I am doing something wrong then! Been @ that ROB since it came out and still can't beat it! Was able to take down the spider and get my Famous Title, but yet I struggle with this 20 wave challenge! Someone send me a guide, I'm using 80 weapons and going in with Mage only, I have a hard time switching weapons/gear! Wearing port gear as well.... Have the holy water, aura's. scrimshaw, know about the titan/nibs.... Honestly I think it comes down to lucky spawns and 90 weapons! Thus why I am saving up for a Nox Staff, seeing as everyone pretty much say's it's sooo much easier with this staff. HELP!
  5. I'm not looking to camp there, I am just looking for 1 kill only! LOL :D ( I hate the spider, I have no desire to keep killing her........ )
  6. Awesome thanks gang! Just use soul split for the whole Phase 4?( I never knew that!) Does she not hit crazy hard though without the prayer switching? Lastly, can someone post a good ability bar set up ? My current one stinks! I am using CCb with royal bolts and wearing port range gear. Using sharpshooter, levi ring, 3 Warpriest items, death, Farsight snipe necklace, max cape.... Thanks! ~ Valerie ~
  7. Ok thanks! Still not sure if I am suppose to lure the acidic spiders on me, on Arroxor or leave them be? Is there anything I can do to make Phase 4 a bit easier? She totally spazz's out on me in there.... :-/
  8. Any tips on defeating Araxxi? I manage to get too Phase 4 without a hitch. I am ranging and I know about DeathSwift @ 45k and then Unload @ 26k. But still...... I can't manage to kill it, I always seem to mess up. I just recently finally figured out how to use my keys to switch prayers, I am hoping this makes all the difference in killing it. Waiting till the shadow path rotation to try once more. I am like on my 20th or so try.... so frustrating! Any tips are welcome on how to squish this spider!
  9. The Grouping System~~ Yes, can't wait! New capes~ Looking forward to it! Rumours that instakill darts are coming back~ I hope so Would be nice of jagex to help out folks with bad internet connections and medical handicap! ( My opinion) On Solomon’s Store we welcome back Bank Boosters, bumping up your bank-space in batches of 50.... About time, don't know why they took it away in the first place?????
  10. Hope to see Nex, Vorago and KK on event calendar soon! :-) Count me in when you do! :-)
  11. Awww crap I never kept track! :sad: O.k. thanks! Btw do you have the list of all the story lines? Thanks! Edit: I know I did see one trio voyage come in.... Can I just stay in Prince to get the rest of them, or would I be better off doing some of the lower areas?
  12. I heard we need a total of 42 story line to complete the voyage story lines. Currently I am @ 39, and I have no idea which ones I am missing, and it seems I am no longer getting the stories.I have added the telescope and totems for a better chance of getting them. How do I finish these or better yet how do I even know which ones I am missing? I am getting just resource voyages or a exp book voyage. Help ????
  13. Starting to enjoy this! Can't stand that my crew are/is such noobs.... ( Just like me ) I keep taking risks and the end result is a damage ship. No way am I waiting for 5 hours to have it fixed, I need to go sailing ASAP! .... HAHAHA Fun update thanks Jagex!
  14. This made me laugh out loud!! :wink: The quest was fun, the boss wasn't to bad. I used Bandos, maul, dreadnips, 2 prayer flasks and rest rocktails. Prayed melee the whole time, used stun every chance I could.
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