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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Octarine


    I don't really post here much, but just thought I'd check in after a while. Had a really lovely Halloween this year, board game night with a few friends I've known for about a month now. It turns out people that want to be maths teachers are all awesome :D On that topic, its been the most amazing experience so far. I always had it in the back of my mind that I enjoyed the idea of teaching, but I'm so incredibly glad I jumped into it and started training. It's only been a month and its been pretty mad but such fun too! At the same time, I moved out of my parents house too! I thought it'd just feel a lot like university, but sharing with just one friend is really nice, compared to around 4 or 5! Anyway hi TIF
  3. So, after 6 months of not really playing Rune, I've come to the end of my time here. I've just finished my degree and have a place to start teacher training in September so it looks like there won't be a place for a game like RS in my life. I can't wait to start it though Thanks to everyone who has made the game so fun for me over the years, early dgs, eoe, hyt and the tip.it staff :) I'll maybe pop in occasionally, and I'm sure I'll give Chronicle a go when that comes out anyway. Dan
  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Then you don't know much about the word. People often say when they love something that it's awesome with that word before the word "awesome", and when they talk about something that's beautiful, they can also use that word before there as well. I understand language. It's just unnecessarily crude when other qualifiers work just as well
  6. Am I the only one that doesn't think this is a big deal? If they haven't increased the price for three years I don't see a problem. It'd be nice to see a discount for owning multiple accounts though, since that's a lot more common nowadays
  7. Wow already? Doesn't seem that long since the last one
  8. I actually like the idea of a true trim cape. Throw the castlewars req (maybe champion scrolls too?) into it and let it unlock the ability to customise the colour of the particles.
  9. Looks like your stats are drained, use a super restore or enter and exit a dungeon or something
  10. To me boss pets are one of those things that I wouldn't mind if they didn't exist.. But I guess they're a nice extra reason to kill more of the outdated monsters. Annoying that TDS and Glacors aren't on that list, even though they're more of a slayer task now they'd make great pets. I like the addition of a clock too, even though its minor its one of the things thats kept me from playing fullscreen before
  11. I'd be surprised if we get any type of large update in the next two weeks. Maybe a few fixes this Monday for pressing stuff
  12. Task, as in a slayer task? Because I wasn't on task when I just started randomly killing scouts. One of the elite elf city tasks requires you to sing an attuned crystal chakram, which is why the seed is basically given out
  13. Its coded to be that way at the moment so people are guaranteed one for the task. Its actually a 1/5000 drop normally :(
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