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  1. I still play arenascape. Well, I re-discovered it a few weeks ago, when trying to remember what the game was called I used to play when I was young. Sadly, I can't remember my log-in credentials to my old account.
  2. Back in my day, it was the purple colour for the multi-leader. Although back then, the person was only known as "Leader" :P But I think pink would be awesome. Oh, and gratz!" ^^
  3. Fook. I remember you from a long time ago. You're amazing :3 *pic coming later*
  4. Hello! My sincere apologies for late absence here on the forum, had troubles recovering my forum password =P But since everything is fine now, I would like to share you my news. [spoiler=83 smithing!] My current goal is to finish up 30M mining xp, and I'm hoping to get it by Wednesday, and then hop to 40M within 2 weeks time. That being said, I should be at 50M within a month. Let's see if I can do it ;) 25,697,000 / 30,000,000!
  5. Hmm, today was a good day, almost got a farming lvl (4k off, it's boring!), made about 4M cash, gained thieving lvl (no pic, lvl 75 lol) and some smithing experience. Gonna start chinchomping tomorrow, although they aren't 800 ea anymore... I need a 99 to boost my motivation! Edit: Also got easy varrock tasks done! woohoo
  6. Just a little information; I'm back from a few years break, and thought I'd introduce myself here (now that I remembered there's this forum as well >_>) Soo... that's about it. My blog can be found http://forum.tip.it/topic/318786-hoorah-for-new-era/ <- there. see you all in Rs! =)
  7. Oh, every level is worth posting. If you don't constantly update your blog it'll get boring ;o Anyways, good luck and have fun ^_^!
  8. Yes, it sure has been a long time. Glad to be back ;) Good seeing you too!
  9. Hello, and welcome, to I Had A Deal's second official gainingblog! FIrstly, thank you for coming to see what I have/will achieve within my gaming era. At first my blog will be short, tiny and well managed into small sections, but as I start to gain stuff, we will be doing our best to chaotise this. If you're new (started between 2009-present), I have made a section with a little bit of history, as of who I am, why am I making a blog, what I do and so on. If you're a veteran and would like to read the history channel as well, nobody's stopping you! If you want to read a bit of history, click the button below: [spoiler=Clicky here! -&gt]My name is I Had A Deal, and I have many other nicks. If you see any of these somewhere, say holla! (MeanToasty, Toasteri, Dragontotem, Dealy and so on) My real name is Teemu Nieminen, and I am from Finland. I was born in 1991, making me 22 in November. I have been playing Runescape ever since the 2d version came out. This account (Dealy) was made in... 2005? I can't remember. My passion for mining is extraordinary, as veterans may remember. I am a skiller, therefore stop telling me how much fun combat is. I have another account where I play combat stuff with, and I don't like it. While I am not playing Rs, you may find me playing League of Legends, Halo, Minecraft, Torchlight,, Fallout series, Titan Quest and so on. I play most of my days and I can easily spend 14 hours playing at once. During my most obsessive mining session, i did 18 hours. I am doing this blog to share and inspire people. Not many believed in me when I started, but I proved them wrong. That should do.. If not, I'll add it somewhere else (let the chaos begin..) Secondly, I would like to point out that I am playing eoc, therefore please stop telling me to go 07. I have already ignored people who've said it, and no matter how good of a friend you are, I will ignore you too. I will not go '07! The "blog"! Anyways! Achievements. Many. Pictures? None. I did take 2 pictures for this blog, and it'll do for now. I might as well start doing a vblog, but haven't decided on that yet. I mean, who'd like to see me mumbling with my bad english? We'll see further on.. Uhm.. Ah. Yes. Current objectives, goals, thingys and so on. Let me beging this section (I already started this with "anyways"?) with sad news. During my absence I was hacked. No, I didn't get combat levels (thanks hacker <3) but everything I had -> Gone. So that's why I won't post a bank picture, because it would make you fellow gamers cry. That's where the "new era" came from. Got it? Heh I'm so not funny. Therefore I must reobtain (is that a word?) my fortune. Stuff I have to do: 1.) Fish. Fish fish fish fish fish. I can be found in eoc world 11 Karamja fishing station. 2.) Mine. Self explanatory. It's fun, it's profitable. 3.) Smelting either steel or adamant. So.. That's my goals for now. I might go wc'ing but meh, we'll see. [spoiler=Picture time ->!] So there you go, I'll update this every once in a while, so keep checking in ;) Bye! See you next time you visit ^_^!
  10. Granite: 60-85 = 35-42k exp/hr 85-90 = 43-48k exp/hr 90-98 = 48-52k exp/hr 99-??? = 52-57k exp/hr so at lvl 67 its about 37k exp/hr.. 37,000 x 14 = 518k exp per 14 hours You and your 700k can go fail somewhere else. Don't think I know what I'm talking about? I have 24.3M mining exp, roughly 12m of it I've gotten off granite, so yeah.. ON topic.. Wanna race me one day? Let's see who can get most exp in 12 hours? ^_^ (I needs competition:( )
  11. Thanks babe <3 Cheers and thanks ^_^ Nooo, books and lamps ftw ;o :roll: :^o :roll:
  12. Nope :twss: Ps. :twss: isn't actually twss, its AWS. Has been for last 3 years, and will always be. Stupid noob forums, get your facts right :D <3333
  13. lol :P 3 Ish years cheers :P Yeah I really didn't talk about it, but after a while it seriously became annoying when everyone goes 'omg pweez tell mi ur nbak vlaue pls u lv 3 luls 99 mienin amg!!' <_> Alright, if I'm a wannabe mod reporting people in the same cc I go in, how does that affect your life? I don't think you should give a [cabbage] about how others respect the rules, as clearly, you don't. If a person goes on an insulting frenzy against me, I sure as hell report them, ignore them, and leave the cc. I don't know what your problem is with reporting people, but I report them, if and when I see it worth my time. Thxbai gtfo my thread. I don't think it's worth killing yourself ;d although, if you do, can I host your funeral? I'll be a gud boi :^o just because they are in the cc you are in doesn't mean [cabbage]. if they are breaking the rules and they know it, report them! 10/10 for the bank 11/10 for reporting the guy Why thankyou :P Thanks, I think I'm going to need it ^_^
  14. ^_^ Not really ^_^ but thanks :) Ino rite cheers :D yeah, kinda. Sold tons of the 500g granites back in the days when they were worth something, too. + I have friends who tend to be gud merchantz so I'm like "pweez teell mii w0t 2 du pl0x" ^_^ I owe them :P ^ | cheers Yeah. He went berzerk in the cc lol o.O Working on it ^_^ cheers :D Rofl :D Why thankyou =))
  15. Ok, I decided to post a BoB pic, because everyone keeps asking me how much money I have, what's my bank value etc. Gets annoying after a while. I sold tons of stuff to buy fletching supplies (some of you might know I'm going for 200m exp in various skills, starting from fletching). As I said earlier, this is only best of bank, not everything. I have some junk left, but nothing that would make a difference. Rest of bank is worth 100k tops. [hide=][/hide] 660m~ bank value. (Rough calculations)
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