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  1. Oh jeez, it's partially her fault anyway. So why is she being looked at as an innocent person? She had to give him the password so he could even do that. This is why if you're sharing a computer, you have two separate accounts on that computer. Your's and the other person; both password protected. Also, you never give out your Runescape password anyway. I don't feel bad for her at all.
  2. Updated with new goals & levels. Deleted the old goals & levels.
  3. Welcome to the forums! Always nice to have new members join!
  4. That's how they have it. It's just that the total level required isn't as high as it seems.
  5. Oh gosh .-. That's a tad bit dumb to me, but okay. Thank you for clearing that up though :) I appreciate it.
  6. Okay, so Herblore is still a members skill, correct? Then why is Druidic Ritual a f2p quest? Same with Summoning and Wolf Whistle. I understand that Taverly is now a f2p area, but that doesn't mean those quests should be f2p :\ I mean, why would they make the quests f2p if the skills are p2p? Can anyone clear up this issue?
  7. The Journey Of Runescape Lone727 ____________________________ Current Levels Current Goals 80 Mining 45 Dungeoneering 50 Runecraftng 75 Attack 80 Strength 75 Defence
  8. Happy birthday! :D

  9. I have been told so many different ways to make money that I don't know which to do. Anyone willing to help me out on this? First off: These are my stats - Now as far as options -- 1. Farming ranarrs. 2. Woodcutting yews 3. Fishing monkfish 4. Making prayer potions 5. Livid farming (after i do all the required quests, etc.) 6. Mining coal/ iron/ mithril/ adamant 7. Killing blue dragons I think there were more but I forgot them >.< Anyway, anyone know which would be best for me? I don't expect to make millions quickly, but I do expect a decent bit to start off with. I have 350k or so to begin, and I have (as far a armor goes) a rune plate, skirt, and 2h. I had 7M but it got put onto an account that has a 25k trade limit -__- Epic fail on my part, but nothing I can do now.
  10. I get all the way to the part where you have to start the ritual with the runes. The runes are all in the right place and the ritual starts, but then Ariane doesn't get hit with the beam. The Head Zamorak wizard does and then it cuts out. I've done this like 5 times and it's still the same result. Then, it still shows that I need to do the ritual again. Any ideas as to why it's doing this?
  11. I love wearing books on my face; it's so fashionable!! #Sarcasm
  12. I've been using wireless routers since the beginning of my Runescape career in 05'. They're dependable if you have a decent computer, as Kaida said, if you're computer is old as dirt like his then it will most likely drop the connection. Otherwise, you're good to go with it.
  13. Miracle550: Miracle is my real name & the 550 was just kind of random since 'Miracle' was already taken. Mirace k3: Well basically the same thing, just k3 is almost like a heart.
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