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  1. Dont throw your money if you are going to be slaying only. Mainhand ascension + OH chaotic will do the trick for ranged drygores for melee and a chaotic staff
  2. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Rare_Drop_Table#Rare_Drops
  3. they will eventually add more items and tiers past 99 all the way to 120.. only way to keep adding content.. its a matter of time
  4. What is this? Where is the nicely formated post?!?
  5. Thanks! Left over 1 year ago and I had it marked as serpent eye :)
  6. Serpent Eye is not available anymore? just came back and couldnt join :(
  7. hi I have been out of the game for some months and see that bxp changed the way it works I have a lot of prismatic pendants and recharge gems, can I still use them? how? thanks
  8. More like: Gerhard: How come we are not profiting off that? Get to work! NOW!!
  9. sacred fragments used to be bankable, havent checked in a while.. its tears the ones you cannot bank
  10. Not really, someone will be paying for those bonds they are not giving away anything. Its even better for them since they sell membership at a higher cost than today
  11. So because, as a company, Jagex is trying to combat something that has a bad influence on their game (while, of course, making an extra bit of money from it), you want to cry over it? Honestly, that is ass-backwards. The idea of bonds is great. I remember when i moved to the Middle East at first i had the hardest time acquiring membership because my bank card was the wrong type, we had no membership cards in stores, and i didn't have paypal back then. Something like this would help people in that situation. It's a good approach on RWT. Please, dont be so naive. They arent fighting anything with these, just trying to get some % of the illegal RSGP market out there knowing they will never be able to erradicate it nor compete with it.
  12. It might be, but this is aimed at buyers rather than sellers from my point of view and this is why the legal part of it takes a major role. The problem I see and stated before is that they left the ratio $/RSGP to the will of the market and thus outcome of this implementation is not guaranteed. Sure, there is a lot of supply now due to novelty, but once that wears off will someone trade with these if the ratio is half of what goldsellers offer? They could have had control from the start but chose not to
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