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  1. Hey guys thanks for info. Managed to borrow some seismics off a friend and bought drygores. Unsure, with having the both of them, if it's worth getting asc (or just the MH) too? Lastly, can anybody direct me to a good blocklist? Task xp/rates seem a lot different to when I last slayed. Thanks :)
  2. Hi, I've recently maxed apart from I'm still 85 defence and I'm wanting to get 99 through Slayer. The problem is I haven't really done any structured combat, let alone slayer, since EoC came out - I've done small amounts using rotations I found on the wiki. So I have a few questions as to how I should start: What gear should I be using? I have about 600m free cash, the tier 70 power armours, all chaotics and a RCB (no tier 90 weps at all). I'm assuming I'll want to buy a level 90 weps in at least one style? What style should I be using? I guess this kind of relates to questions 1. I can't afford tier 90 in all styles so what styles should I preferentially buy, and if fighting something I don't have a tier 90 weapon for should I use tier 80 in the weak style or always a tier 90? I'm assuming I should be using Morovan? Can anyone direct me to a good blocklist please :) I assume the most efficient list has been figured out? What are good items to have? I'm thinking herbicide, bonecrusher, gem bag, charming imp, ferocious ring. I assume Ovls, renewals, Soul split, the 95 curses are still the way to go? Any advice on what rotations, thresholds and ultimates would be great too :) Sorry if this is a huge question. I'm a bit of an EoC noob. Thanks for any advice!
  3. Welcome (back) to competitive online games! I almost miss the old days in Castle Wars. People shouting "prayer noob", "food noob", "mage noob" and the likes. Whenever they lose, it's because you're cheating. Whenever they win (nice lucky dds spec) it's because they're better than you. I don't think kills count if the person is ten or more combat levels below you and deaths don't count if the person is 10 levels above.
  4. Surely it would be ideal for everyone if both the browser and the client were able to be used to play the game? I assume this is feasible? That way it's still possible to use a computer never previously used to play the game and be playing within a few minutes but also have the game run better and have better graphics on your regular computer.
  5. Hop4metal seems to have moved to the fc "Node Find" I believe - If that helps.
  6. What's currently the most efficient skill to use the bonus challenge xp on?
  7. I've never understood why maces are the cheapest, yet offer a prayer bonus (while the others do not). Is it because people perceive them as weaker, due to their fastest speed (as opposed to fast), or because they are actually lower DPS (maybe only against bosses where accuracy matters more? IIRC Maces have lower accuracy?)?
  8. 2003-Prod, thank you very much! :D
  9. I'm 2400+ total and play an average of less than 2 hours a day. Do I win something?
  10. You may not, but those generally asking for advice do. I, personally, think if you're going to offer advice that is a personal preference or not the most efficient way (or if you don't know if it is the most efficient way) you should preface it as such; "Personally, I...", "My preference...", "This may not be the most efficient, but here's how I like to do it". I mean most people don't care about what you do personally, but I think it should be common courtesy to state that it's not the most efficient method when giving advice. Although I also don't like that people are sometimes ridiculed for giving options even when they preface it with saying it isn't the most efficient way, or their personal preference.
  11. It's looking like I'm going to go the whole way through the bowl without ever seeing the voyage to unlock JoD. So I'm wondering if it's possible to unlock a certain region's unique crew member (or more accurately, see the voyage to unlock unique crew members) while concentrating on a different region?
  12. So I don't know if I'm extremely unlucky, or if I'm doing something wrong; But I'm 80% of the way through the Bowl and I haven't seen the mission to unlock Judge of Dice. I've been using up all my rerolls daily trying to get it and it just hasn't come up. Is there something I'm missing?
  13. Another "I don't like it any more and neither should you!" post. But carry on trying to feel superior to those of us that still do play by posting on a forum dedicated to the game you no longer play - You sure are showing us!
  14. Looking forward to the videos he makes when Jagex won't give him his old name back.
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