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  1. for the 14 abilities on the hotbar i use: 1234 qwer asdf zx find a layout where you have a good view while having your other combat abilities conveniently placed.
  2. Leave money in your mtk coffer while you actively fight monsters/do dailies for money. Do qbd then move onto araxxor. Do frost dragons if you aren't ready for qbd i guess.
  3. krimi


    Mine and drop sandstone in the desert until you get 80. Then you mine, superheat, and drop gold ore in living rock caverns. It's torture. If possible, join a warband cartel to supplement your mining.
  4. i was hoping one of the rewards could be "make tirannwn scans not a pain in the ass." i guess it's wishful thinking since chaos tunnels never got that with varrock tasks.
  5. Set up a revolution bar. You'll get the damage of EoC with less strain. You will still have to input for threshold and ultimate abilities. Once you get better and do certain bosses, you can go back to full manual.
  6. Does binding marasamaw plants to the action bar quicken things?
  7. xpx is right. maw let's you reach in again if you get a recipe. got three recipes and a strange rock today.
  8. i have a disorder that prevents me from doing livid farm. plz remove
  9. For people starting out, they should time their ultimate buff after the web heal. That way they don't have to eat a reflection as the web comes up as assault/rapid fire ends.
  10. yo yo welcome to rs cribs! i don't got one, not two, but three sets of golden armor. dayum son
  11. He's not entirely wrong. There is input delay just in general in this game, but you deal with it if you want to play. Legacy works with slayer, but a good revolution bar may be better. You do need the damage, buffs, and debuffs eoc abilities give on a lot of bosses. There isn't really a way around it.
  12. Pick an araxxor that you are strong against. Watch the leg tips (red=melee, green=range, blue=magic). Exit to lobby if the wrong type spawns. You will lose your 200k if you paid the instance. Make it a habit to right click "walk here" to avoid the cleave. Sometimes araxxor's hitbox is too big and left-clicking makes you stay on him. This is important in path 2 when araxxor is dropping the acid on the rock. If path 1 is one of the two options, I would advise burning that web. You won't get overwhelmed by minions in phase 3. You can walk a little bit into path 1 to trigger phase 2 and stay in the the phase 1 area if you feel you need more room to move. The exploding acidic spider spawn is one of the specials if path 2 is open. If you've counted five autoattacks and haven't seen the web, cocoon, cleave, or egg spawn, get ready to run away. Look for a range attack that lands on a random location that turns into a green puddle. Get away from that. If you decide to lure the highly acidic spiders into araxxor in phase 3, make sure you give yourself and araxxor room. You will get stunned and take 2000 damage if araxxor gets stuck and dances on top of you too long. You can tank the darkness from path 3 in phase 3 and focus on damage if you feel comfortable enough. Devotion and debilitate are great abilities to reduce damage, espcially on araxxi. Higher settings let you see some of the boss mechanics easier (acidic spider spawning and light in darkness).
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