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  1. Thank you for all the good replies. I used your great advices to good extent. I'm interested in the warbanding cause I've heard its great xp to more difficult skills. But in all guides I've read in the internet most fc's requires maxed combat and prayer stats. How should I approach this not risking whole much and possibly gaining some steady xp?
  2. I was looking into doing that. Already did few sinkholes to help me start up. What would you suggest I should do that? I kinda suck at this. As I have high fletching I have bound a tier 80 longbow. But I can't find anything else. Should I look for someone to make me good weapon? Should I do medium floors solo? What's the best way to do it relatively painless? EDIT: Oh and what's up with the abilities? Should I use it manually or do something like momentum or legacy (legacy seems to be much weaker than eoc)
  3. Hello friends. I think it's not very unusual that returning members are coming back to new Runescape. I admit that I logged once every yer or so. But the game seemed so much new and I didn't bother to try anything. The game has shifted so much that I can't wrap my head around what to do first. I know I can do what I did back when I last played, but I guess it's not efficient anymore and I'm all about being efficient. So my skills aren't the best but I think it's something to work on. I think still the most effective way to gather money for skills is combat. But to be effective I heard you need 92 prayer and high herblore. I have only about 15 M and not real way to make a bank. What would you advise me to focus on doing next? I don't want to do much things at once and focus at the things that would help me the most. Thanks in advance!
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