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  1. Yet still no word about the Maj aura. Even though they're affected in the exact same way. :/ Actually they addressed it in a q&a on Reddit. Mahjarrat Aura Come January 2017, the aura will lose the 50% bonus. The 5% bonus will remain.
  2. DL darts might be the lowest risk decent option if you can use them. In lagscape misclicks happen, never trust pvp.
  3. Keeping mine around in case they have a decent use in invention. Outside of Ironmen chaotics don't seem real worth it.
  4. Could do sorcoress's garden and knock out low level thief and farm in one shot.
  5. Oogloog loadstone and very slightly west.
  6. Dueling rings and games necklaces are a couple no level required options. You need mage levels for law teles.
  7. I'm thinking cmaul and cspear are a lot cheaper repair cost wise if that matters.
  8. Med clues give lvl 40 ranged weapons I think. I just lived with dorg chow until 50 and have used salamanders since. Zaniks at 48 is another option.
  9. Even then, at base it should be 100% average. That is still w/o counting enrage gained during kills. EDIT: It just hit me >.< I was calculating the end result of said kill, not the action of the kill. Like if you were doing your 10th kill, the base enrage durng that kill is 180% >.< Reread his last post. He said the AVERAGE starting percentage is 90%. Didn't get it either before that. nvm looks like you got it.
  10. So when you factor in time collecting items or gp which skills are slowest on ironman? Debating which skill to use bonus xp on. Herblore and construction seem to be the ones i hear most.
  11. It's stated in the weekend facts they won't this time.
  12. Yes, you can get gold rocks via ecto. It was a slow process though whereas bonecrusher seemed fairly fast.
  13. Wondering what the best up to date Arraxxor guides are? Currently watching Complete Araxxor Guide: All Phases and Paths [Runescape 2014] and reading Wiki's Arraxxor strategies since I don't see much else out there. Thanks for any help. Pretty much just looking to knock this out for Reaper tbh.
  14. Quick find code: 25-26-5-65329684 would be your best bet for answers I'd think.
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