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  1. Could it be you can no longer make flatpackd in your poh if you have a full inventory? (despite the items in your inventory being used to make the flatpack) Bit annoying you have to drop/pick up one in order to continue.
  2. Legionwizard

    Dat RNG

    Non-100% missions failed what are the odds of that Around 0.1*0.1*0.1 = 0.001 or 0.1% chance. In other words, not very likely. It's actually even less considering that the success rates were higher than 90% and I'm computing an upper bound.
  3. Legionwizard

    Dat RNG

    Last three scroll missions in a row, meant to complete Rocktail soup recipe, all failed despite 90%+ success rates.
  4. Ah... right *slaps myself* ty, had it checked idd.
  5. Anyone have the same situation where you drop your hellcat to gather spices and you can no longer interact (just an examine option)? So far I've been able to fix it by teleing to PoP and viewing a ship then exiting the interface, then the interact option appears. Hasn't worked with opening the bank interface though.
  6. Ah, that explains. Alright, thanks!
  7. Been staring at my screen for ages now and still can't figure out how to join a group. Got invitations, but can't right-click or I don't know what. Information in RS website is dubious at best. Must I recite some mysterious incantation?
  8. Ah! Useful, didn't spot it at first, my bad.
  9. That I already can, but that's where the problem persists (see my link, it leads to the syntax you describe). So if I were to monitor the price of a drygore or something, I'd be always stuck with a resolution on the order of millions instead of say thousands. If the profit margin is in the thousands instead of millions, the price API would be useless to me. That aside, Jagex has some bizarre rules for formatting the price.
  10. Not entirely sure if this is the right forum, but do any of you have experience extracting price information from the Grand Exchange using a programming language? And more specifcally, the Grand Exchange API allows you to extract price information, but in a very inaccurate way. To illustrate, say I want to follow a price fluctuation of a 210b item and it ranges between say 210,000,000,000 and 210,000,800,000 I will never detect this fluctuation because the Grand Exchange API will always return "210,0b". Is there any to retrieve the full price? For more information on the Grand Exchange API: http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Grand_Exchange_APIs
  11. Yeah, have something similar, except I use v instead of 4. I reserve 4 for special attack, 5 for quick pray and some others. Reorganized my screen layout. Most at the right now, starting top to bottom: 1 Minimap 2 Those 8 buttons to access everything 3 Left to the above my ability bar 4 Further down from 2, my ability lists (in case one isn't on the bar I need them, mostly for health and shield abilities) 5 Under 4 my prayers 6 Inventory, gear takes up the rest of right side And chat left-down in screen, quite happy. I chose the ability bars where they are now because my eyes are often focused on the middle top of the screen, so it springs nicely into and then I get an idea of the 3 tick global cooldown. Otherwise shifting my eyes down and back up gets me confused from time to time.
  12. Got another question: what do you use as 1. controls (going to replace wasd for more action hotkeys) 2. screen/interface layout
  13. Thanks a lot, really appreciate the insight! Updated the list, forgot to add I already have the royal crossbow. Will definitely check out the frost dragons. Maybe with the notepaper I can add a fighting summoning creature instead of a yak.
  14. Blergh, I'm completely disoriented returning to RS after 3+ years. Could use some of your insight (or cash lol, nah not being serious). Just found out my bandos, armadyl is pretty much worthless by now. Subjugation robes also but still salvageable. Sold 8k or rocktail to make some cash. Maxed out combat (incl. herblore, summoning, prayer). What's good armor these days?Minigames for making cash (is MTK still good?)Are bots finally gone?Current equipment: Full bandosFull armadylFull subjugationGood old prossyBarrow glovesDominion tower glovesPolypore and ganodermicAll fremennik rings (none imbued)Glaiven, ragefire and steadfast bootsSaradomin's murmur, whisperObsidian armorChaotics: rapier, longsword (+offhand), crossbow (+offhand), maul, kiteshield, farseer, staffFury ammyThzaar whip 7Armadyl battlestaffZammy spear?!Arcane stream necklaceAhrim's wandVerac and Karil setFull void knightFire and that lava capeRoyal crossbowShould I sell GWD this instant? All help welcome to try and get me an idea of what RS is these days. I'll check the Archive of Wisdom for guides on moneymaking. Thanks!
  15. K, bad news guys. My subscription has ended (no plans on renewing) and throughout the years I've been dropping out of RS more and more. So maintaining this guide won't be possible for me. I'm going to have to ask to either remove it or have someone take it over. As for Akrisae: - either fully ignore (and if the opportunity arises kill him in the tunnels, where safe spots are plentiful, including the torches in the main room) - freeze, launch attacks, trap using tomb and repeat, making runs slow unless you're mad good at control I've tried summoning using repeatedly opening the same door in the tunnels but rarity makes this a non-viable option. @fluppets: if they're 2-3 squares away I can hit them fast enough with stun to stop them, otherwise it shouldn't matter, considering the damage is easily healed I haven't kept up to date with RS to know if new things can improve a player's speed against Akrisae. My apologies.
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