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  1. You haven't done Broken Home. Do that, with all 3 challenges. The ring is probably one of the best generic rings you can get.
  2. Short one - does Light Form in any way boost Prism of Dowsing ?
  3. *I am using Nox Staff but for some reason my ability damage caps at Blood Blitz instead of Barrage. If I am fighting something with a lot of HP (current example - GWD2 bosses, 200k HP) which one is better ? With my current setup: Blood Blitz - 1982 ability damage. Ruby Aurora - 1965 ability damage. No idea how often the Ruby activates, how long it lasts and how it stacks but if it's simple multiplicative: 1965*1.03 = 2024 damage at max stacks. It's somewhat cheaper too. Nevermind. I totally forgot that the Aurora doesn't buff you, only your allies. Out of curiosity, what would be the effect if you put Ruby Aurora on your mainhand and Emerald Aurora on your offhand ?
  4. @Sy_Accursed Yeah I asked because I remember him ... not being one .. but I had like a 3-4 months break so who knows I might've forgotten some s**t
  5. Degradable items, afaik, do not degrade anymore. Have you tried repairing an augmented one ? I might be wrong.
  6. Batch 1 is combat related, they will release the majority of the skilling stuff later on so right now - mediocre melee buffs for insane maintenance. > There is a perk which turns poison into healing and afaik it works against Araxxor. This one is the better IMO. > There is one that if you grind enough and you're lucky you can get to rank 4, so +4% chance to crit hit. > There are two nice for slayer - one of them slightly prolongs tasks (slightly is like 5-6 more kills per tasks on average) and another one taht gives up to 5% damage on slayer tasks "depending on how far you are through your Slayer task" > There are some nice tanking perks too In general the problem is not that the perks are underwhelming (and a lot of them are) but the insane maintenance you have to put up with. I'd say the biggest bonus is that you can turn those pesky non-degradable T70s to degradable, so we can finally have some consistency.
  7. Have we ever gotten any confirmation that he's already a god ? Can't remember really ...
  8. Matt I'd say the best you have are the Precise uncommon mats. Equilibrium and Presize are nice, tho the debuffs are somewhat nasty.
  9. A misplaced decimal :D ? No idea, just found it funny.
  10. Ah sorry, there are a couple of cases in which augmented Pernix turns to augmented Torva on level up.
  11. It's official - Jagex hates Rangers. Forget about the fact that Karil armor is un-augmentable. Now we have this little gem - http://[Use Quick Find Code]/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?407,408,thd,582,65739892
  12. Note - turns out siphoning is around 50% exp. Another note, if you use a wrong style armor (Ranged weapon + melee armor for example) the armor gets only 66% of the weapon exp.
  13. Sorry for the late answer, by the looks of it, they give the same exp. (both give 540k at level 10)*. The bonus for disassemble is that you dont waste time gathering mats for the siphoning thingamabob *Some fella told me how much he got from siphoning, take it with a grain of salt
  14. Sidenote - the exp you get from killing stuff is APPROXIMATELY Level of stuff - 70 On an unrelated note, can anyone thing of level 100+ aggro monsters ? (Preferably weak to melee) - Dark Beast - Muspah/Nihil if you have a death wish - Some GWD stuff if you have a death wish I guess
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