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    Getting fit (used to be very overweight), runescape (slayer, summoning, runecrafting and pretty much skilling other than hunter and farming), reading fantasy books like magic: the gathering, psychology, nature, three days grace, breaking benjamin, pretty much alternative rock.

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  1. I agree with your last statement. A forum is more conducive to holding focused conversations while reddit seems to favor fleeting moments.
  2. I like what they did with the staff making it bind. Frankly if you want to sell a drop thats fine. But if you really want to use it then you have to commit to binding it.
  3. I think the t90 defender just needs some repositioning.
  4. Magic defender teasers are up... They will be called rebounders to signify difference in combat style. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CUF34pcXIAAf0Ol.png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CUF34uVWUAAOtt_.png https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CUF34ugXAAAZteX.png Also the latest Q&A from Im Rubic on reddit regarding combat: https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/3t8404/tldw_135_qa_combat_council/
  5. Im Rubic's reddit compilation of the recent QA is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/3sc9pt/tldw_132_qa_high_level_mobs_part_2/
  6. Next ninja teaser is up... And a rather core update to a broader game play customization: We can now toggle several of our assistances:
  7. I think you are onto something pretty interesting. A miniboss similar to qbd fight length and progression. I mean longer fights are cool, but what if your rewards were based on how you handled the fight mechanics and not how much brute force you put into achieving the kill? What im saying is what if you had a monster with 100k lp with a set of mechanics. Depending on how well you handled each mechanic you would store up points in a behind the scenes system that scaled your rewards. For example a boss with an ability you needed to dodge, another you needed to mitigate with barricade and another you had to disrupt. So for each time those abilities proced the behind the scenes system would tally it. Here is a run down of what a successful kill might look like. Mitigated ability: 3/4 Disrupted ability: 2/2 Barricaded ability: 2/3 Now for simplicties sake i know barricaded and mitigated pretty much mean the same, but this example is more contextual than that. Jagex could then add aome weight to each type of tally depending on the skill or importance to each ability used. From this set up the player would have tallied up and successfully handled 7/9 of the monsters special attacks thrown at them. So then the player would receive 7/9ths of the reward they would have gotten.
  8. Mr G W's information regarding the crossbow on reddit:
  9. 160 airut task... yay! Im interested in the raptor outfit.
  10. Ever since the release of the raptor everyone has been wanting a suit of armour just like his. A lot of fans have been ogling his maul too. I'm certainly looking forward to this slayer event. I'm not sure about the camel warriors though. I guess it sounds like an interesting niche pvp weapon. The claws are a nice contender against the use of dragon claws as well. I'm wondering what the 'pack mammoth' will have for a special ability. Maybe he will have an ability where the player can't be stomped for 30 seconds and the familiar will instead take the damage. I feel the wyverns are the most underwhelming of the four. We already have the wildy wyrm shieldbow with a similar passive effect in the same tier slot.
  11. Next ninja teaser is out on twitter compliments to Mod Doctor: Looks to be an easier puzzle interface for EW3:
  12. One server has the event up apparently... While all the others are suffering lockout. I'll try logging in later tonight. This is just stupid.
  13. Its supposed to be here: This is a teaser from the stream.
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