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  1. I'd wait even longer to be honest, the next meaningful upgrade from a 970 would either be in SLI, or go for the more costly 980ti, unless you can snag a 295x somewhere along the line (I personally would prefer 980ti over 970 SLI given the choice now, as 980ti is roughly on par with SLI 970's, which makes 980ti a better choice, but you probably will have to sell the 970 to fund the card). The chip is aging, but it should still be adequate for your 970. For the last few generations CPU performance growth have slowed down to a near halt (increasing by mere single digit % each generation), and even then the CPU often is not a bottleneck as long as you have it clocked at a decent speed (something like 3.6Ghz+), so your 2400 should still be in no rush to upgrade. Pascal should be a nice time to upgrade though, DDR4 ram should come down even more and there should also be a few more Skylake CPUs around to make a better decision. A decent monitor upgrade should also be in order (perhaps more budget G-sync monitors should be available). EDIT: On actual gaming topic, I absolutely cannot wait for 2.3.0, that cube and Yang's Recurve is amazing...
  2. I have seen 1 furnace and 1 SMK, though what I haven't seen is Calamity. In fact I didn't realise I had an SMK on one of the servers until I checked it up, I hadn't even rolled a WD on that server either. Been contemplating on getting MGS:V, the preorder bonus is currently getting both parts of the game for $60.
  3. chenw


    The next Spotlight on the minigame is on 25th August, so if you can wait that long. GOP addict also tend to be more active during spotlight as well.
  4. Problem is that 2h melee abilities are lackluster compared to dual wield.
  5. WoW isn't a pay 2 win because there is no microtransaction in WoW that helps directly with getting loot from raids. You can buy gold yes, but gold only gets you so far. Even if you are into 'buying' loot, you are still going to be, at most, same as everyone else. There is nothing you can pay for in WoW that makes you better than someone else who doesn't. Edit: For Steam sale I got Wolfenstein: Old Blood Age of Mythology Extended Edition Final Fantasy 13-2 Currently flipping back and forth between RS (hoping to max before a new skill), FF13 and FF4 on steam (don't ask...) Aiming to get all achievements on FF13, currently abusing Death on Adamantoises for ingots.
  6. problem is manual decanting can only decant into 4 doses, I am looking for 1 dose potions. Reason being that for farming run I use presets, and since I figured that I will ever only need 1 juju farming potion dose per farming run, it makes no sense for me to keep anything but one dose farming potions in my bank (it also prevents the potions 'creeping'). I was hoping to do the same with Perfect juju farming as well...
  7. Has that always been the case or just recently? I noticed that websites that link to GE's prices have suddenly been 'disconnected' during the last update.
  8. Dialect: 1. Singaporean (definitely a "wtf") 2. Irish (Ok, this one is actually correct) 3. Asustralian (not even close) Country where I am from: 1. Swedish 2. Greek 3. Norwegian Not even close to being close.
  9. I am trying to decant it into 1 dose, so self decanting is a no go, but manual decanting does indeed work (I can decant to 4 doses myself for example). There seems to be quite a lot of potions with typo'ed names, I think they might be trying to put a space between the number and the brackets on each side but they only managed to put them on one side of the bracket\ I'll report it And yes, I have tried both noted and unnoted, and I have tried with empty vials and without. Normal farming jujus decanted without issue, but the NPC seems to be either unable to find farming juju potions, or there is an error in the coding.
  10. Hey all, Is it deliberate design that perfect juju potions cannot be decanted by NPC, or is it the simple clerical error of the potion names that makes them undecantable?
  11. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Meteorite_chunk "A strange remnant that has crashed from above. I can use it to hurt Tuska if I take it there." In that exact same article you linked to, it very clearly states that it only awards exp. While it might hurt her lore-wise, it does not contribute to your World Event score. Where does it explicitly state that it doesn't contribute to the World Event score? "...where it can be exchanged for experience in a skill of your choice equal to half the experience provided by a regular jack of trades aura reward book." This is simply letting players know that it gives XP, it's not claiming that it's the only reward from turning them in. I can confirm that it definitely does not award you any reward points, I had handed in 2 chunks yesterday and it did not add to my reward score. However whether it adds score to your faction is another story.
  12. Just got a message from Colossus saying that he wants to join, as well as a warning letter from Stark's laywer saying we are infringing his trademark, and would like us to stop using his name or else he will... repulse us off the planet
  13. I started TW3, liked what I saw during the brief time I was playing around with it. Paused it though, I am gonna play through TW2 first, but half of me is torn between Dark difficulty for the dark gear or just plow through normal, or even forget about TW2... While I am making up my mind, back to FF13, currently plowing through the missions in Chapter 10. Anyone know if all of the missions can be done without progressing Chapter 10? I pretty much maxed out all of my char's primary roles thus far, haven't touch the secondary roles yet, but I am pretty much plowing through the missions.
  14. I like this quest for the very fact that your character appreciates how little you are awarded for effort you put into the quest. Ironically, one of the conveniences in this quest (namely Keyring) is, putting it extremely bluntly, very small iron ring. Thus one small favor leads to one small reward. I definitely enjoyed it as your character is very visibly human, rather than just a goodie two shoes that would never think twice about helping strangers. At one stage, this was the quest that I was considering making a Toon for, just to play it again.
  15. Your title and your post does not match at all lol. Rar and ISO files are not illegal by any means, as long as the content does not have copyright issues. Emulators on the other hand is a lot more subtle. You definitely might need an expert opinion on this, but as far as I am aware, the emulator program itself is not illegal, the ROM themselves are the shady areas. Big corporations tend to attack emulator programers as ROMs are useless without the said emulators, whereas there may be tons more ROM uploaders.
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