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  1. I'd wait even longer to be honest, the next meaningful upgrade from a 970 would either be in SLI, or go for the more costly 980ti, unless you can snag a 295x somewhere along the line (I personally would prefer 980ti over 970 SLI given the choice now, as 980ti is roughly on par with SLI 970's, which makes 980ti a better choice, but you probably will have to sell the 970 to fund the card). The chip is aging, but it should still be adequate for your 970. For the last few generations CPU performance growth have slowed down to a near halt (increasing by mere single digit % each generation), and even then the CPU often is not a bottleneck as long as you have it clocked at a decent speed (something like 3.6Ghz+), so your 2400 should still be in no rush to upgrade. Pascal should be a nice time to upgrade though, DDR4 ram should come down even more and there should also be a few more Skylake CPUs around to make a better decision. A decent monitor upgrade should also be in order (perhaps more budget G-sync monitors should be available). EDIT: On actual gaming topic, I absolutely cannot wait for 2.3.0, that cube and Yang's Recurve is amazing...
  2. I have seen 1 furnace and 1 SMK, though what I haven't seen is Calamity. In fact I didn't realise I had an SMK on one of the servers until I checked it up, I hadn't even rolled a WD on that server either. Been contemplating on getting MGS:V, the preorder bonus is currently getting both parts of the game for $60.
  3. chenw


    The next Spotlight on the minigame is on 25th August, so if you can wait that long. GOP addict also tend to be more active during spotlight as well.
  4. Problem is that 2h melee abilities are lackluster compared to dual wield.
  5. WoW isn't a pay 2 win because there is no microtransaction in WoW that helps directly with getting loot from raids. You can buy gold yes, but gold only gets you so far. Even if you are into 'buying' loot, you are still going to be, at most, same as everyone else. There is nothing you can pay for in WoW that makes you better than someone else who doesn't. Edit: For Steam sale I got Wolfenstein: Old Blood Age of Mythology Extended Edition Final Fantasy 13-2 Currently flipping back and forth between RS (hoping to max before a new skill), FF13 and FF4 on steam (don't ask...) Aiming to get all achievements on FF13, currently abusing Death on Adamantoises for ingots.
  6. problem is manual decanting can only decant into 4 doses, I am looking for 1 dose potions. Reason being that for farming run I use presets, and since I figured that I will ever only need 1 juju farming potion dose per farming run, it makes no sense for me to keep anything but one dose farming potions in my bank (it also prevents the potions 'creeping'). I was hoping to do the same with Perfect juju farming as well...
  7. Has that always been the case or just recently? I noticed that websites that link to GE's prices have suddenly been 'disconnected' during the last update.
  8. Dialect: 1. Singaporean (definitely a "wtf") 2. Irish (Ok, this one is actually correct) 3. Asustralian (not even close) Country where I am from: 1. Swedish 2. Greek 3. Norwegian Not even close to being close.
  9. I am trying to decant it into 1 dose, so self decanting is a no go, but manual decanting does indeed work (I can decant to 4 doses myself for example). There seems to be quite a lot of potions with typo'ed names, I think they might be trying to put a space between the number and the brackets on each side but they only managed to put them on one side of the bracket\ I'll report it And yes, I have tried both noted and unnoted, and I have tried with empty vials and without. Normal farming jujus decanted without issue, but the NPC seems to be either unable to find farming juju potions, or there is an error in the coding.
  10. Hey all, Is it deliberate design that perfect juju potions cannot be decanted by NPC, or is it the simple clerical error of the potion names that makes them undecantable?
  11. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Meteorite_chunk "A strange remnant that has crashed from above. I can use it to hurt Tuska if I take it there." In that exact same article you linked to, it very clearly states that it only awards exp. While it might hurt her lore-wise, it does not contribute to your World Event score. Where does it explicitly state that it doesn't contribute to the World Event score? "...where it can be exchanged for experience in a skill of your choice equal to half the experience provided by a regular jack of trades aura reward book." This is simply letting players know that it gives XP, it's not claiming that it's the only reward from turning them in. I can confirm that it definitely does not award you any reward points, I had handed in 2 chunks yesterday and it did not add to my reward score. However whether it adds score to your faction is another story.
  12. Just got a message from Colossus saying that he wants to join, as well as a warning letter from Stark's laywer saying we are infringing his trademark, and would like us to stop using his name or else he will... repulse us off the planet
  13. I started TW3, liked what I saw during the brief time I was playing around with it. Paused it though, I am gonna play through TW2 first, but half of me is torn between Dark difficulty for the dark gear or just plow through normal, or even forget about TW2... While I am making up my mind, back to FF13, currently plowing through the missions in Chapter 10. Anyone know if all of the missions can be done without progressing Chapter 10? I pretty much maxed out all of my char's primary roles thus far, haven't touch the secondary roles yet, but I am pretty much plowing through the missions.
  14. I like this quest for the very fact that your character appreciates how little you are awarded for effort you put into the quest. Ironically, one of the conveniences in this quest (namely Keyring) is, putting it extremely bluntly, very small iron ring. Thus one small favor leads to one small reward. I definitely enjoyed it as your character is very visibly human, rather than just a goodie two shoes that would never think twice about helping strangers. At one stage, this was the quest that I was considering making a Toon for, just to play it again.
  15. Your title and your post does not match at all lol. Rar and ISO files are not illegal by any means, as long as the content does not have copyright issues. Emulators on the other hand is a lot more subtle. You definitely might need an expert opinion on this, but as far as I am aware, the emulator program itself is not illegal, the ROM themselves are the shady areas. Big corporations tend to attack emulator programers as ROMs are useless without the said emulators, whereas there may be tons more ROM uploaders.
  16. I was not aware of a bottlenecking problem with the 980? I know of a problem with the 970 as I stated it. obviously larger buses that can accommodate more as well as moving towards 22nm tech is a good start lol Well each GPU can only do so much before it gets bottlenecked by the chip itself in terms of performance. VRAM bottleneck being another kind of bottleneck that could limit the performance of a GPU. SLI alleviates the GPU bottleneck, not VRAM due to the way it does not stack, but DX12 would remove the VRAM, leaving the remaining GPU bottleneck intac again. I agree die shrink would be a good start, it was just that Maxwell was just a message to the word that not every generation requires new processes to 'brute' force the performances :P Back on topic, been playing Marvel 2015, quite enjoying it so far. Probably the first game I played that invoves marvel heroes.
  17. No, I mean 980's, even if you remove the VRAM bottleneck, 980's may still not have enough GPU power regardless, so making the benefit of being able to pool VRAM together rather moot. If the VRAM combination works as intended, it would work heavily in 970's favor as it would largely remove the segmentation issue (7+1GB would be much less of an issue, currently, than 3.5+0.5). At least I do not see how it would make Multi-GPUs run better than they currently are, maybe improve scaling. VRAM is not an end-all be-all component of GPU, if you have enough, more won't help. DX12's VRAM pooling just pretty much makes sure you will have enough when you do Multi-GPU. Definitely a nice bonus to not having to worry about VRAM bottlenecking the cards, but if the cards were not being bottlenecked by VRAM in the first place, it would be a completely different story.
  18. While I'd like to believe that, I'd put that down as too good to be true, and by the time the dx12 dream have been realised, 980's may already be obsolete. And besides, DX12 doesn't solve GPU bottlenecking, 980's are still struggling in that regard, unless something really magical happens. 980ti specs were leaked, but I do not remember any credible 390x leak. The only leak (which I believe was said by AMD themselves) I have consistently heard of is that 390x was coming with 4GB vram, with 8GB coming later. I don't have the credible evidence at the moment.
  19. what about framerates? those are important too. I try not to dip under 40-50fps. It looks gross. My buddy got it and was saying the same stuff. He doesn't have it maxed and it still looks fairly decent. I think he's on a 750ti, not sure though. Not something powerful, like any of the new cards the original one or what? http://steamcommunity.com/app/221380/ on another note, it doesn't really have to do with this thread but for fellow PC enthusiasts, the new AMD 3xx series cards are dropping in June supposedly. I've heard rumors that these are going to be BEASTLY. I've heard of low temps, lots of VRAM, lots of power, 22nm technology... I'm curious to see what these cards can do, my buddy is running 5760x1080 (tri monitor) and a 1920x1080 40" tv all on his GTX 970, no OC, and if these cards appeal to him he's gonna get one or two. He can get 40-50fps in lots of games but he isn't maxed, which he'd like to be. He has the money, so upgrading if they're worth it isn't a problem. but in light of all these Nvidia "scandal" type things happening (nvidia is having studios write game engines and whatnot using their 'physix' stuff, causing amd cards to run piss poor) im worried he's gonna get boned I didn't read this one, but it has the right jist to the title and whatnot. http://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/2015/05/amd-says-nvidias-gameworks-completely-sabotaged-witcher-3-performance/ also recently, Project Cars was discovered to run poorly on AMD cards as well. Like REALLY badly. thoughts? I have G-Sync monitor (Swift to be exact) so the frame rate dips do not affect me as much. I can still notice it if it dips too low. With regards to the 390x (so far the only confirmed new card in the 300 series is 390 and 390x, all others are rebrands), I do not really take those rumors into account, since none of the 390x rumor sites have yet to even speculate on its specs, the only actual confirmed stat is the VRAM, and initially it was dissappointing at 4GB. Unless HBM can somehow make that seem more than it is, I am keeping my opinion on the 390x squarely in check. if 390x really does make titan X run for its money on its own, I would expect it to have 8GB VRAM, not 4GB. With the way games are not, I will not consider anything less than 6GB under any circumstances, 8GB at least if I were doing 4k. Dx12 is slated to alleviate any VRAM issues, and would be great if it works, but my personal opinion on this matter is 1. It will require games to actually be programmed to take advantage of it, rather than a DX12 generic feature, just like all other DX related features. 2. It might actually cause both nVidia and AMD to actually have GPUs with not enough VRAM, and encourage us to buy multiple cards since VRAM stacks under DX12. In theory MS wanted to stop the VRAM runaway, but this DX12 might end up stopping VRAM growth on cards so the GPU makers can sell more cards. That's my opinion anyway. The only card so far that has spec leaked that should compete agains 390x is the 980ti, 6GB with a few SMM's from Titan X cut off. It should be around 2 970's in SLI in performance, making it an ideal card for 1440p IMHO.
  20. I don't use the Kridershot for my UE build. I don't like the playstyle it forces. I just use a.... I forget the name, but it's the bow that makes enemies hit by entangling shot take x more damage. Ultimately not much different to the Krider build, but it just feels a bit more natural to me. I've been enjoying this build a lot. Managed to push 53 so far, but i seem to be stuck there. The Nat's build is really fun too. And i actually have a really well geared Nat's build (~2.6m DPS unbuffed with a 3977% belt), but that build doesn't work as well on Console imo. I know that bow. I actually stopped using Entangling shot and instead opted for Evasive fire for my M6 because Evasive fire is an autotargetting hit scan skill. That particular bow is nice in concept, just I don't like it depending so much on ES actually hitting. Shouldn't be an issue most of the time, I'd agree, bosses are pretty hard to miss. Still, I haven't actually found an ancient version of that bow yet. I have so far only found 1 ancient weapon that I have used in my M6 (the uninteresting Bakkan Caster) and I have since retired it as I had crafted an even better Arcane Barb. So far I have not found any suitable replacements, at all, for any build.
  21. Not really a fan of it tbh. I would have preferred if it was more like Dark Souls or something. I'm not really keen on the rotating thing. But i guess you get used to it after a while. Got robbed today. Had a really good 55 with this build. RG spawns with ~5 minutes left and it's Stonesinger. I think i have it all wrapped up, but turns out Stonesinger is just about the worst RG for a Carnevil build. Took me about 10 minutes to kill it. I cried for a few hours afterwards. I can't see myself getting a 55 like that again. Was literally so easy. Good density, good mobs, good maps. Just a shitty RG. Taking a break with my WD for a while now, going to be messing around with my Monk and DH. Got them both up to 53 as well. I can see myself getting 55 with the DH easily. Such a fun build once you get used to it. Still need to upgrade a few pieced of equipment too. I never found DH to be fun, as much as easy for clearing stuff fast. Being able to see chucks of HP being taken off a 50+ RG is pretty damn cool though. And DHs require a much different playstyle than other classes, so it's a fun change. Not that I don't agree with the first part, but the second part gets kinda boring especially using a marauders set. Don't think anyone will be using M6 for a while now. It's all about UE and Nat's now. Both sets that require you to actually do more than put down a sentry and run around, lol. M6 hasn't been lay down sentry and run around since 2.1.2. I have tried UE, but my Kridershot is non-ancient and it seems a little tedious to play sometimes (mostly because the lack of the pet zoo and not running Polar station to help with Bane of the Trapped). Haven't tried Nat's yet, probably won't until I get a good Nat's Xbow, the Nat's Xbow I have is pre 2.2, so it doesn't have RoV stat on it, pity as it has some nice rolls. I haven't played for several days either, but lately I had been using my DH to farm shards to gamble for BK swords for my barb, I wanted to try WW build but the gearing is too painstaking slow without the BK sword effect that I will not play the barb until I have gambled the pair of swords, so far I only have got 1. The fact that I need to stop WW and build up fury is a really big tempo breaker for me, and that I sincerely hate chasing enemies down (never got into monk for that very reason).
  22. Bought Witcher 3 a few days ago, haven't had a real chance to play it, I want to complete both TW1 and 2 completely before moving on to 3 (should also give CDPR some time to fix out the bugs). There are some performance issues with regards to HairWorks, but there are tweaks that would help, especially for AMD owners, but not an awful lot is lost if you want to switch it off. The game barely uses over 2GB of VRAM, so anyone with 3GB or more, you should not be bottlenecked by the RAM. I do however recommend at least a GTX 970 or AMD 290 for this game at 1080p, SLI 970's or 980's, or a Titan X for 1440p, and SLI Titan X for 4k. The VRAM segmentation is not an issue with Witcher 3 for the 970, and so far SLI 970's is able to run TW3 with almost everything maxed out without hitches. High is definitely manageable with that setup. Right now 970 and 980's are being bundled with both TW3 and Arkham Knight, and TW3 is already proven to be a stunning game and the developers can be trusted to iron out the bugs, 970 would be an excellent value right now for 1080p or less.
  23. Admiral Pie is a fishing level booster, and Call of the Sea is an aura that gives higher % chance to fish successfully for 1 hour, with a cooldown of 3 hours after that.
  24. And claws are made at 100%, rather than bought at 20% for all other chaotic weapons. But, personally, I would get the DG diaries done (if you have not done so) before spending the tokens on weapons. You can get a refund by resetting the ring anyway, but the DG diaries really help with DG I almost completely skipped chaotic weapons because by the time I was in a position to get them (I did not DG an awful lot until EoC came out), there were already tradeable versions available. Due to the number of methods to get DG tokens vs GP (3 vs much much more than 3), I placed extremely high personal value on DG tokens. I had only spent tokens on Mainhand Chaotic Claw because at the time, I could not afford Drygores. I have destroyed it since because I could not afford the bank space to keep it. I made Royal Crossbow as a substitute for Chaotic Crossbows (with Drygores as the weapon I used to hunt QBD), I used Virtus Wand and book for Magic (dual wield were better than staves at the same level due to concentrated blast, now it's the other way round, though the difference is now very small). I am one of the few people who would prefer to pay 200m for a set of weapons than to pay 200k dg tokens to buy similar weapon. If you are looking into alternatives of t80 weapons, may I suggest doing Player-Owned Ports for T85 weapons. However PoP takes a LONG time to get to the stage to make the weapons (starting from scratch, it'll take a couple of months to just get to the zone you can get the weapon components), but the time spent doing actual ports is quite small. PoP offers T85 dual wield weapons for all 3 styles. If you do go the PoP route, my advice: do not skip any scrolls, do them, no matter the success chances (anything higher than 60% is good).
  25. Easiest way is to test at QBD, the accuracy difference should be VERY noticeable (difference between hitting most of the time vs half the time).
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