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  1. So I just got Alan Wake today (...), and I have to say that this is one of the best games I've played in a while. I've played through the first Episode and it's amazing. The only complaint I have so far is that the animation in the cut scenes is kinda bleh, and considering how much story means in this game, I'd expect the cut scenes to look nicer. Here's what I've learned so far (I had no prior knowledge to this game before getting it, aside from knowing it was a highly anticipated game), you play as a character named Alan Wake who's married to Alice Wake. Alan is a writer who seems to be very popular, and him and his wife go on vacation to a town called Bright Falls. This is after he has a nightmare of course. His wife is terrified of the dark, and so when the power goes out in their cabin, something happens. Alan wakes up in a car with his wife missing, and he makes his way to a gas station while fighting off monsters called "The Taken", and along the way you collect pages of a book which seem to predict the future. You also collect batteries for your flashlight, ammo / weapons, coffee thermoses, radio stations, and other things. You call the police at the gas station and they bring you to a doctor. Then it brings you back 3 years to Alan's life in New York with his wife. That's where I stopped. I love this game so far :)
  2. I was reading about people discussing their computer classes at school, and mine is the same. I took a programming class last semester and it was a joke, we used RealBasic which is an ultimate beginner program, and whenever someone asked my teacher how to do something he said, "look it up on *blahblahblah* website". I swear, I knew more then him... Now this semester I'm taking web publishing (we design a website in DreamWeaver), and the entire class is just copy and pasting code from tutorial sites and adding our own info (this is in HTML). I basically finished the final project and everyone else is like, "duurrr what does <p> do????"
  3. I know there's a really, really small chance that she'll break up with her boyfriend and that I should just forget about it, but it still really SUCKS.
  4. just found out more about the senior that girl is dating... they've been together for almost 2 years and they're obsessed with each other, like they even bought a [bleep]ing dog together... this sucks
  5. Guns can be overpowered, but really it comes down to whoever is using them. For example, I SUCKED with the models, I rarely got 1.5+ kd games whenever I used them (before the patch), but then my friend could get 3+ kd games frequently with them. It's the same with every gun, I love the ACR (just got Fall for the 2nd time), but out of all my other friends that play, I think only one likes using it.
  6. I'll 1v1 you if your on Xbox Live, not because I think I'm better and want to prove it, but I just wanna see how good you really are.
  7. Alright so theres this girl who's dating a senior (we're sophomores), and me and this girl are getting to be pretty good friends and we just met last week. A lot of my friends are talking to me about how they think she likes me, and it really seems like she does. One of my friends even asked her if she liked me out of nowhere, (he's crazy), and she just said "I have a boyfriend" and changed the subject. There's a few problems though: 1. Almost all my friends hate her except for a couple (they say shes annoying and obnoxious) 2. She's dating a senior... 3. I have no clue if she actually likes me or not yes im weird idk why im even here
  8. not sure if people will remember me, but im just popping in to post in this thread. im rank 70 2nd prestige... my best class: ACR Red Dot / Silencer PP2000 Akimbo Flashes / Semtex Scavenger Pro Stopping Power Pro Steady Aim Pro Painkiller I also love using: Scar-H Red Dot + Silencer PP2000 Akimbo + Extended Mags Stun / Semtex Bling Pro Stopping Power Pro Ninja Pro Painkiller I have 1000 kills w/ PP2000, 2500+ kills w/ ACR + Scar-H (it stops telling you how many after 2500), ~600 headshots w/ ACR, ~400 headshots w/ Scar-H, ~2200 kills w/ Barrett Once I'm on my 3rd prestige (not too long, like 20k XP), I'm going to try to focus on the UMP, Intervention, and FAL and get good with those. I also have either 16 or 17 nukes, I forget... KD/R around 1.6-1.7 not sure (I was HORRIBLE my first prestige otherwise it would be 2.0+) Anyone who wants to play add me on XBL, gamertag: Friedmannn ... I love playing with friends
  9. I prestiged yesterday, and I'm already level 25 :) I don't care at all about my KDR so I made a throwing knife class and I'm making a knife montage. It's really fun just running around with an MP5K / throwing knife.
  10. Well there aren't any new drivers for my graphics card on Windows 7, and idk what my motherboard chipset is, how do I find out?
  11. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate edition on my desktop computer with two Dell E207WFP monitors plugged in. The main monitor is fine, but the second monitor is recognized as a "Generic Non-PnP Monitor" and it won't let me set the resolution to what it needs to be (1680 x 1050). The closest option it gives me is 1440 x 900, which really isn't very close. Can somebody help me make the second monitor be recognized as a Dell and have the resolution be 1680 x 1050? My video card is an NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT.
  12. So basically, every time I try to play a video file (doesn't matter what file type) in any program (I've tried Windows Media Player, VLC, QuickTime), my computer completely freezes and I have to turn it off and on again. Then when it turns back on, Active Desktop Recovery is on and I have to reset my Windows Theme. I am running Windows XP Black edition, and just installed it about 2-3 weeks ago. This problem started happening last week, and is really getting annoying because I need to watch Lost :P
  13. I take back what I said about when Danny will FC I'm the One. I didn't realize that the strumming was almost 40NPS. I have no idea when he'll FC it.
  14. Paranormal Activity - Wow. Need to see it again though (audience was really obnoxious, it completely ruined the "horror movie atmosphere")
  15. I saw this movie on Friday (released in Boston ftw), and it really is unique. It's easily a hate it or love it movie. I went with 3 other people, and they all hated it, but I thought it was really interesting. I wasn't scared at all watching it, but I'm sure thats because during every quiet scene (there's a lot of them), someone in the theater would say something. It completely ruined the scary atmosphere. I really want to see it in theaters again, hopefully with a quiet audience this time. [hide=SPOILER (QUESTION)]When they record the Ouija board, why don't they even mention about how it caught on fire? I thought it was stupid how they pretty much ignored that part of it.[/hide]
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