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  1. Hey, The rsclient close automatic. What do I need to do?
  2. Can you contact a Jagex Moderator with that problem?
  3. Hello Tip.it and welcome into my blog! In this blog I will tell me the story about my RuneScape account Kroketten. I will tell you also why I use a skiller as a main account and not a combat based account. I hope you like it, feel free to follow my blog. The introduction of my account comming soon... I hope to make it today, so keep looking for it! First I want black elegant and a black cavalier. =) Bye, Kroketten
  4. +1, for 105k you will never get an Santa Hat... :') Just a fail topic what need a lock. :D
  5. My slayer level is 33. :) First 90 rc.. :')
  6. Black elegant and black cavalier, harpie bug lantern, white flowers... Just need 2,5m donate me? :)
  7. I asked wrong I think, I mean it in general for a skiller. :$
  8. WTF? RuneScape don't fail! Stfu with the site!
  9. 85 Runecrafting! Time to get 90!

  10. Do you need only one req for it or all? :)
  11. Hello, Does someone know a cheap skill armour for a cb 3 skiller (now cb 4).. Thanks!
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