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  1. Lol I would not have posted if it was going to cause this much trouble. And I quit playing before santas were even released. :o thanks for helping kimberly.
  2. I'm feeling festive, and it's worth asking, lol :) who wouldn't give 105k for a santa hat? Well, either way, help an old guy out xD
  3. Without friends, RuneScape has just not been as... Fun. All of my older friends are never active... What do I do? I hate to say it but the community of RuneScape is now just... Flat out bad. All I see is gambling, and scamming. What the heck happened?
  4. January 2001... :) what is this list you guys are talking about?
  5. You are right, I should be thinking positively. It gives me something to work for as an added bonus. :D
  6. Hey, when I logged into runescape for the first time in 11 years, I found myself with an empty friends list... So, are there any other older players that would like to add me ingame? :)
  7. I read up on early runescape, and the old rares... I quit playing Runescape in 2001 before they even let you store items other than coins in the bank. It is kind of a frustration to know I could have a bit more than 100k in my bank if I were able to have continued playing back then... (partyhats, and all that good stuff.) But it is also upsetting that 100k is not what it was 11 years ago, either... I didn't open this up for responses very well, but feel free to tell me what you think about all of this. :)
  8. Oh? You're right that it could be worse...However I find the amount of pictures with the white text captions to be a bit much. xD
  9. All I see today is what people call "trolling". What do you believe is happening?
  10. Being honest, my password on RuneScape was different from this forum... I kind of had to make a new account, whether it would let me log in or not... But I do still have my original RuneScape account. :)
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