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  1. - Hard Mode Armadyl - (COINSHARE/SHARDSHARE) Time and Date Date: Sunday November 9th, 2014 Time: 7pm GMT Other Time Zones: CET (Central European Time): 8pm US Eastern: 2pm US Central: 1pm US Mountain: 12pm US Pacific: 11am [pending]blu_1415559600[/pending] Friends Chat: Nick Levells ~~ This event will be CoinShare/Shardshare ~~ Meeting Location - We will gather in the holding area of the Armadyl Encampment. Please arrive a little earlier to get your 40 Kill Count before the event begins; 10-15 minutes should be enough time. Server will be announced just before we start. The Boss - We will be taking on the valiant Kree'arra & his three bodyguards for this week's event! Her three bodyguards Flight Kilisa (Melee), Flockleader Geerin (Ranged) & Wingman Skree (Magic) will be attacking you while in the fight. These minions are the hardest hitting of all in the God Wars Dungeon, so beware! Once regarded as one of the toughest & highest rewarding bosses in Runescape, Kree'ara has had a somewhat timely demise from glory... however it is definitely not to be underestimated & its drops are still somewhat worth a mention! :D Please Note: Gravestones will appear outside of the boss room & will be inaccessible to you until you get the 40 KC again. Someone may be able to bless your grave in case you do die, but we can't guarantee anything so hurry back and make sure when in the boss room you are using protect item (and a sign of item protection is also recommended). Please remember to gear up appropriately to get your gear back, you don't want to die another time while trying to get your valuable items back. :P It's advised you bring the best BoB you can get to carry extra supplies. Don't forget an extra pouch or 2 also, along with a summoning / super restore potion to restore your summoning points. Hard Mode Differences: Kree'ara has 100k lifepoints and there are tornadoes in the room that can hit up to 3000+ damage quickly. At some point in the kill, Kree'ara will go to the center of the room, pulling the tornadoes in and then releasing them - during this, Kree'ara takes 0 damage. Recommended stats are; 70+ in either Magic or Ranged - Melee can not be used here unfortunately! :( Overloads help, SoulSplit too, but they aren't a must given the numbers that may well be attending. We recommend at least lvl 70+ ranged/magic gear and weapons. Please Note: If you have an Aviansie slayer task, bring your slayer helm for that extra damage boost! Good Luck all! :D
  2. Looking to cut down on my hours left for 120 combats (main goal is 120 hp), so anyone know a few varied high xp methods? I'm assuming abyss will be best for range/mage/def but that's probably going to be crowded, so might not be an option. Glacors seemed to be 350-400k def xp/hr based on some sample trips I did. I think I've heard fight cauldron as similar.
  3. Please submit your responses to the poll so I can see which will get more people :)
  4. Week 1: No Event Week 2: Hard Mode Armadyl GWD This time, we aim to take on fearsome Kree'arra in Hard Mode! Hard Mode adds a little extra challenge, but nothing our team can't handle. Week 3: Bandos GWD General Graardor - everyone's favorite God Wars boss and often their first. Join us as we bring the General to his knees - the easier to loot the armor from his body! Week 4: Kalphite King It's taken us a while to eat through the pile of sharks from our last trip, but now we're hungrier than ever for a drygore. Join us again as we take on the king this month. Week 5: No Event Happy hunting! ***** Please remember that all TMHT events are Coinshare/"Shardshare" *****
  5. Had one of the best turnouts I've had in a long time! And without cheating, only 3 people were clannies/friends haha Unfortunately, the drops were really bad... saw someone say there were having fun though and that's what we're here for :)
  6. - Kalphite King - - Coinshare Mass - Time and Date Date: Sunday 19th October 2014 Time: 2pm EST, 6pm GMT Friends Chat: Nick Levells [pending]pin_1413741600[/pending] - This week we will be taking on The Kalphite King! Formerly dubbed the "Toughest Boss in RuneScape history", The King is a boss monster who can be found in the Exiled Kalphite Hive. At a combat level of 2500, it has since dropped down to the rank of 3rd strongest monster in RuneScape, do not let this fool you though! It's vast range of damaging attacks, hard hitting minions & deadly '1 hit' special make the Kalphite King one boss not to under estimate! The Kalphite King uses all three styles of combat, randomly cycling through them as the fight goes on... changing it's weakness in-line with the combat triangle as it does so. It is there for common, although not mandatory, for players to bring two styles of combat to deal with this. Read on below for a general guide on the Kalphite King. - Getting there Preferred route is running straight South-South East from the Bandit Camp lodestone. (Requires completion of Desert Tresure quest) -------------------> - The Fight Although it is possible to solo the Kalphite King, there are 3 main roles in which each person in a team must fulfil, these being; Role one: Tank - The tank is to have the Kalphite Kings attention on them at all times via use of incite & provoke, taking the bulk of The Kings hits when it is doing focused attacks such as on it's Melee phase. - Stay away from the walls & lure KK away from minions if it does happen to dig while there present to lower the amount of damage you take! Role two: Provoker (Voke) - The job of the Provoker is exactly that, to provoke the Kings attention when necersery to avoid the tank being downed by it's special 'Green Attack'. The rest of the time they just do DPS. (See role three) - Try and keep adrenaline high/ full at all times, ready to use an ultimate or resonance to negate the damage of the special attack. - Vokers may chose to bring runes for the Lunar spell 'Heal other', for use after triggering barricade. Please Note: The Kalphite King does not use it's green attack while on it's Magic phase, therefore feel free to dps without worry during this period. Role Three: Attacker (DPS) - It's the DPS job to smash the King into submission as quickly as possible, clearing it's minions along the way. Simples! - Be prepared to step in as a back up provoker incase of the main one dying (which is fairly common), so bring a shield. :P - Advised setup Below an example of what gear to use & inventory: Inventory is largely down to personal preference & confidence. Make appropriate changes were necessary, for example, more rocktails instead of portants. Make necessary changes to gear to accommodate your levels, max DPS gear isn't a must, especially given the numbers that regularly attend TMHT events! :) - TMHT Recommends - Completion of Desert Task set for quick teleport to nardah bank & lovely tribrid stats of the necklace! - Overloads, Turmoil & Soulplit. Super/ extreme potions will work fine too! - Completion of Desert Treasure quest for use of Bandit Camp lodestone. - At least 70+ in chosen style(s) of combat. Looking forward to seeing you all there! :D
  7. Week 1: Corporeal Beast Our last trip to Corp gave us 2 sigil splits! We can only hope that our spears remain sharp and the drops continue to glow! Week 2: No Event Week 3: Kalphite King The King has always been a stingy one for us, yet we keep up our attempts to squash some drygores out of his corpse this month. Week 4: No Event Happy hunting! ***** Please remember that all TMHT events are Coinshare/"Shardshare" *****
  8. It's only final if you stop wearing the necklace. Or if it stops working at next reset. Got another motherhood shard while cleansing the seren stones.
  9. Isn't it 2500s without though?
  10. Nex "Even the gods fear it." Coinshare/Shardshare Saturday, September 20th - 6pm GMT Date: SATURDAY September 20th Time: 2pm EST Other Time Zones: BST (British Summer Time): 7pmCEST (Central European Summer Time): 8pmAEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time): 4am (on the 21st)PST (US & Canada Pacific Standard Time): 11 amMST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 12pmCST (US & Canada Central Standard Time): 1pmEST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 2pm[pending]cya_1411236000[/pending] Server and Location The world will be determined at the start of the event. We will meet inside the bank area before Nex's chamber. As there is a chance we may use an instance if we can't find a world, your grave may not be able to be blessed. It's suggested you purchase the highest time you can to ensure you can make it back in time. Please keep in mind that the room before the bank is extremely deadly, bring food/teleports to ensure you don't double grave. The Shard of Zaros WILL prevent all monsters from attacking you, including those in the Ancient Prison. The Boss Nex is one of the most difficult bosses in the game and should not be underestimated. She can hit extremely high and has several special abilities. As of a recent update, she will now pray against all 3 styles at different intervals. Everyone should be using 2 styles. Her wings will change color depending on her deflect prayer: green for ranged, blue for magic, orange for melee. Host Levells Inventory & Equipment A beast of burden should be presummoned and filled with food. A unicorn is suggested in the last slot. If maging, remember to bring runes. Vulnerability can increase kill speed significantly. Gear can be downgraded, but Barrows/GWD is the lowest advised. If you have them, the Penance Aura and Vampyrism/Cruelty/Elements Scrimshaws are very helpful. It is advisable to bring a shield for additional healing after a kill and to gain adrenaline at the start. Quick Prayers should be set to Protect/Deflect Magic and your highest boosting combat prayer for your style. Melee+Range Magic+Range Minimum Requirements 70+ Strength, Agility, Ranged, and Consitution - to access the god encampments and get the Frozen Key Troll Stronghold Eadger's Ruse/Love Story (recommended for easier transportation, especially with the high chance of death) Recommended AT LEAST 80+ in all combat styles, access to a chaotic weapon, and a second attack style Fate of the Gods for the Shard of Zaros Closing Comments: Levells will be tanking Nex using the Incite ability, so it is recommended that you mix offensive and defensive gear. If you don't know what you're doing it is HIGHLY recommended that you read an up to date guide. As with all bosses, there is a risk of death here, though this risk is MUCH higher on both the ice and Zaros phases, due to her AoE attacks, which can deal over 3000 damage to large groups of people who don't run away in time! The "Contain This!" attack on the ice phase is the most deadly, as up to 4 icicles will follow random players, anyone standing on the squares near to them will be hit for up to 3000 damage. The second attack you should be wary of is her STANDARD melee attack on the Zaros phase, much like barrage spells, this will hit all players in a 3x3 radius around the person being attacked, so it's best to stand opposite the tank, or if maging/ranging, as far away as possible, and let the tank take all the damage. A small guide if it's your first time going to Nex If you've got your frozen key, and are not sure how to get to the Nex bank safely, please refer to this video, a quick run through of what to bring and how to safely get to the bank: Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click . This guide is useful for seeing the different abilities Nex uses. If this is your first time going, it would be a good idea to watch it. While it does not contain her new Deflect Magic update, her attacks are still accurate. (Mild language) Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click here.
  11. Does Meg give lamps for hunter/cooking/construction? I honestly haven't noticed.Meg gives lamps for all adventurer skills. She used to give a wrong one for the Biologist because they called her something different in planning and didn't change it for a month+ after release. The xp missions would be nice, especially if there's nothing else to do. 35k in agility? Sounds good
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