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  1. Did another thing ended up making around 14400 supreme ovls =D. ~~~legoman187~~~
  2. not much exciting going on, slayer. pvm and herby getting done. ~~~legoman187~~~
  3. Thank you. next up is 120 herby perhaps... not sure as of yet. ~~~legoman187~~~
  4. at 197.7 atm also hit 800 hards, but image host is being a derp. ~~~legoman187~~~
  5. not much exciting has happened currently sitting at 194.5m thiev. ~~~legoman187~~~
  6. about damn time... at 187m xp it was meant to be. shortly there after at 1k under 47m ~~~legoman187~~~
  7. luck update... they sparated the drops because people were upset they were so rare i acutally got mine on sunday =D ~~~legoman187~~~
  8. got this earlier today took far less time than i thought it would have. ~~~legoman187~~~
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