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  1. Summoning is confirmed F2P, i'll look for a pic. EDIT: Is it ok to link to Sals?
  2. Since it probably wont be f2p, the update is going to be absolutely worthless. Almost all wars are fought in f2p, and most non-members wont want to change just because of a war arena. It will probably only benefit the few p2p clans and rsb clans.
  3. The whole point of the arena would be to eliminate War Crashing, which I think most clans would want. Pking wouldnt be destroyed, since its "dishonorable" to crash Wars anyway. It would also cause more fights, I would think. The money drain would be the fact that rune is lost in the war arena and no one would pick it up. Which is good, because there is alot in the economy already. Clan Roster= Clan Chat List?
  4. Depends on the clan. My clan gives me quite a profit out of pking while having the most fun in RS I've had for a while. Clans like DF and Cor are pretty boring in my opinion though. I dont know how you could call any clan like that boring unless your in one. Events every night isnt bad, since Ive been in corr ive died 30 times or so at pkris yet im still at roughly the same rune sets I was when i joined because of the unoficals and p2p events. Id say smaller clans are worse to be in rune wise, your seen as easy targets thus hunted more. Patbag92, why do you think Corr & DF would be boring? The only way I can think of it as boring is if you don't know what the heck is going on so you don't care. I can tell you first-hand that smaller clans are at a huge disadvantage. I dont see why his opinion of Cor and DF being boring clans is incorrect. After all it is an opinion, right? Pretty sure Patbag is in RoT though anyways.
  5. Alot of clans post on RSC, some post on Tip.it and Sals and stuff.
  6. From RSC Im personally trying to not have an opinion about this thing before it comes out, it just seems like a worse version of IRC, unless they have something else special planned.
  7. I heard the leaders closed the clan today(?) and are moving on to play WoW or some other game.
  8. Lol, i've never heard of any of those clans (No offense). I guess thats because you dont have any of the actual top 10 clans on there.
  9. Some players are going to take up DS's name & fill it with, well, newbies? I'm sure they would be flamed & hunted until they shut down. You think that DS was the first clan to use that name? The name was passed around alot before they came around. But you are right, if anyone did take there name (Whether they knew about the clan or not), they would probably be hunted. All because they were the #1 clan
  10. My first clan was Clan Forever. We opened up in November and closed shop in September the next year. We used to recruit alot here, but not many of our members posted in CD. Im not talking about the Clan Forever that recruits now, they took our name after we died.
  11. First off, dont talk about them badly just because they did one bad thing. Eternal shame? No honour? Do you even know what that means? Im sure if you guys asked for an apology they would, they probably didnt even know you guys were having a wind strike war. But the wild is no rules, they can kill anyone they want. Im not really sure what you expected to happen.
  12. I never really heard much about them but I dont think there open now, I could be wrong however.
  13. Heres where most people put theres, im not sure if its right for your site because everyone has different codes. Admin CP>>Skinning and Styles>>Images>>Logo I think thats what you mean. If not, be more specific or post your website.
  14. Yes, actually. The top 5 clans are the biggest flamers, and are also the biggest clans. If they see something new come up, they just flame it. Then everyone else agrees with them because they dont want to be called No-Honor.
  15. U can keep that view, but u won't be supported much. The Clan Community set the rules & the Clan Community follows it--that's civilized. And who is the Clan Community? The Top 5 clans. Its not like all the clans get together and have formal votes. You do what the all the Top Clans do, or you get flamed. I dont see how thats civilized.
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