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  1. My newest addition to the family, RIvetz Truelove.
  2. Solemn


    Still around. Never really can leave this place. It is however nice to see certain people not around. Yet saddening to not see others. Solemn, probably here till the end.
  3. Last time I voted here I got banned.
  4. Solemn


    80 Here all day. Ty for fall weather.
  5. I see your still watching. It's long over, and I walked away victorious. My worth > YOURS ;)

  6. Solemn


    Decided with the turning of this page of my life I'd trade in my last raggity Ford, and update to Chevy's all around. Her name is Sarah.. I mean It's an errr.. 2016 Silverado ;p The second picture is of my Vaporeon, Kingsleigh.
  7. Solemn


    I've fallen quite hard.
  8. Solemn


    Life seems to be looking up.
  9. Considering every legitimate comment I've made I get banned for I'd say I'm equivalent to Trump here. YAY! (not really)
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